Why Us?

We Work Garage Door, Garage Floor & Gutter Magic For Charlotte Metro 

Premium Parts. In-House Installers. Proven Processes. 

Welcome To The Company You Can Unconditionally Trust. 

The biggest problem for Charlotte Metro homeowners who need garage doors, garage floors, or gutters? Knowing who to trust. 

It doesn’t help that our state has practically ZERO regulations for contractors. You don’t even need a license unless you’re doing jobs over $30,000. That means any Joe Blow, Bumbling Bob, or Chuck-In-A-Truck can legally call himself a garage and gutter contractor. And it’s a big reason 50% of companies in this industry close down within the first year. 

So why trust us? It’s simple… 

At Presto, we absolutely, positively insist on doing everything RIGHT.  

We’ve installed over 50,000 garage doors since 2001. In that time, we’ve painstakingly developed a system of customer-first protocols to ensure you a pleasant, high-quality experience. Our philosophy is if something isn’t done 100% correct, it isn’t done at all. Period. 

That’s not an empty promise or lip service. Explore the links below for hard proof that “Above & Beyond” is our bare-minimum standard for your garage door, garage floor, or gutter project. 

Presto Design ConsultationOur in-depth design process guarantees you a fully custom project for your needs, tastes, and budget.  

Premium PartsFrom 500% longer-lasting springs to ultra-quiet operating systems, we use high-end parts and materials without exception

In-House InstallersForget subcontractors—our installers are employees. Trained, vetted, and with 180+ years of combined experience! 

No-Nonsense WarrantiesWe offer you the most comprehensive protection and guarantee garage door warranty visits within 24 hours. 

Relentless ReliabilityWe’re hyper-punctual, ultra-communicative, fully insured, and always here for you. We’re the company you can trust.  

Proven ProcessOur proven process eliminates common hassles and setbacks, ensuring your project sails smoothly from start to finish. 

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