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3 No Brainer Upgrades When Buying A New Garage Door


The Best Low Cost Options

When it comes to buying a new garage door system, most clients seem to care most about finding the perfect design and getting the best price possible. While I agree that these 2 factors are important, I truly feel that function of the garage door gets ignored by many. In this blog post, I want to point our 3 super low cost garage door upgrades that every homeowner should take advantage of.


High Cycle Springs

The most dangerous portion of any garage door is the counterbalance spring system. Even the best and most careful garage door technicians have either been injured, or have had some scary moments when winding a garage door spring. For this reason, the fewer times you need to have a garage door spring repaired, the better. Replacing garage door springs can also be expensive. You can have spring replacement completed on select doors for as low as $200, but some door systems require springs that are far more expensive. 

When installing your new door system, we feel that it’s in the best interest of anyone buying a new door to upgrade the spring system to high cycle springs. Standard springs are rated to open and close a door ten thousand times before they break. We always recommend moving up to at least twenty-five thousand cycles. This upgrade typically cost the homeowner less than $50, and the springs will have a 250% longer life.  


Premium Rollers

Another great low cost upgrade, that everyone should take advantage of, are premium garage door rollers. Many garage doors come standard with nylon rollers that do not have a ball bearing system. These rollers can easily get flat spots, and will not roll up and down the track well when that happens. This leads to service calls and money out of your pocket. Standard garage door rollers are also rated at ten thousand cycles. For typically less than $20, clients can buy premium garage door rollers. These rollers have a 13 ball bearing system that  rolls up and down your track with very little friction. This makes for more quiet operation of your door. These rollers also have a stem that is 3″ longer than standard rollers, and are much less likely to allow a door to fall out of the track. This greatly increases safety. Our premium garage door rollers also last longer. Our premium rollers are rated for fifteen thousand cycles, which affords you 50% more life over standard rollers. 



Quiet Glide System

For most of us, hearing a loud and clanky garage door system is a real hassle. I know this from experience. We bought our home right after the real estate collapse of 2008. The builder didn’t have the house finished before the recession took hold. He decided to take some financial shortcuts to complete the house. One of those shortcuts was the garage door and opener system. In my home, we have a bonus room above the garage. My youngest son moved in to the room, and boy, was he unhappy from the start. Each time we opened the garage door it made an almighty racket in his room. When we decided to upgrade our system, we made sure that we bought every part possible that would make the new door run quiet and smooth.

One of those very inexpensive upgrades was the Amarr Quiet Glide System. This is not really very high tech or complicated. Amarr realized that when metal rubs against metal that it causes extra noise. To combat this, Amarr decided to install plastic sleeve inside of the roller carriers. The result was a 38% noise reduction of a steel garage door. What’s best, this option cost less than $15.

Not Everyone Recommends The Best

In many cases, your local garage door dealer may not make you aware of these options. In some cases, the companies want to keep prices at rock bottom, so that they appear to be providing the best value. We feel that offering you the very best options that we have to offer is in your best interest. Our goal is to install the highest quality garage doors possible at the lowest rates available. If you already have a quote in hand from another dealer, give us a call. We will beat that dealer’s price, and we will do so including these fantastic upgrades.

Happy Shopping! Robert Broome, Owner of Garage Doors & More. 

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