3 Surprising Things Your Garage Door Warranty WON’T Cover

What’s Actually Warrantied May Surprise You… And Not In A Good Way.


Who doesn’t love a good warranty? 

When you buy something, you want to know it’s built to last. A robust warranty is a promise to you that it will.

Many garage door companies advertise robust warranties—15 years, 25 years, and even a lifetime of protection. 

That’s great, right? 

Sure… until you read the fine print.

When you actually dig into the warranty, you’ll discover this lengthy protection only applies to the paint finish. It covers you in case the finish fades or corrodes. 

That’s all well and good. But it’s where the robust coverage starts and ends. 

The parts of your door that are most prone to issues—hardware, rollers, panels—are typically covered for just one or two years.

If you’re lucky.

Bottom line…

You Aren’t Protected Where You Need It Most. And That’s Intentional.

Like we discuss on our Premium Parts page, garage door companies tend to cut corners in the places you can’t see. They use bargain-barrel materials they know won’t last. 

This is where a lot of companies mislead their customers. They bury their bare-minimum hardware warranty in the fine print… while advertising their lengthy paint-finish warranties.

Don’t get me wrong. A finish warranty on fading and corrosion is important. But with today’s excellent finish technology, these issues just aren’t all that common. This is especially true in the Carolinas, where the type of weather we get rarely causes garage door corrosion. 

So that 25-year finish warranty? It’s about as useful as a 25-year warranty on damage via volcanic eruption.

3 Common Issues Your Garage Door Warranty WON’T Cover

Many garage companies use cheap plastic rollers when installing your door. The plastic is so low-quality that these rollers can develop flat spots shortly after installation. 

This can cause the rollers to drag and catch on the track, which can lead to BIG issues. Your door may start to open crookedly as the flat spots “catch” on one side. Or your door can start to crease in the middle as the motor lifts it (more on that in the next section).

Unfortunately, garage door warranties label these flat spots “normal wear and tear.” That means even if they do develop flat areas while under warranty, the company won’t cover them. So if you need to replace your rollers—and repair any ancillary damage they’ve caused—you’re looking at $200 or $300.

Flat spots in the rollers also increase the chance of the actual door forming a crease down the middle. This is especially true if the door is just a single layer of steel (as opposed to doors with insulation and multiple steel layers).

Why does creasing occur?

Your garage door motor pulls your door from the middle. Flat spots can cause the rollers to drag, which creates extra tension as the motor attempts to lift the door. Over time, this tension causes a crease to develop in the door’s panels.

Like rollers, panels typically come with severely limited warranty protection. Creasing, like roller flats spots, is simply considered normal wear.

That means if your garage door starts to fold down the middle, YOU foot the bill for the fix.

Garage door companies typically install 10,000-cycle springs. This means your garage door can go up and down 10,000 times before the springs break down. 

Ten-thousand cycles sounds like a lot... but it’s not!

Let’s crunch the numbers…

  • Your garage door company installs 10,000-cycle springs.
  • On average, we’ll say your garage door gets used twice per day—once by you and once by someone else in your household. That’s a total of 4 cycles (2 up and 2 down) per day, which is 1,460 cycles per year
  • 10,000 total cycles divided by 1,460 cycles per year is 6.8 years

That means your springs will last less than seven years before they break down. By then, the warranty will be well expired. 

And replacing those springs? It’ll set you back $200 to $500.

The Best Warranty? Premium Parts. Period.

We do things a little differently at Presto. Instead of selling based on the cheapest price, we deliver maximum VALUE.

That means we install the absolute highest quality materials—down to the finest detail:

  • 50,000-cycle springs: Our high-end springs provide you with top-notch performance for DECADES.
  • Nylon ball-bearing rollers: We use special nylon-encased ball bearing rollers to eliminate the chance of flat spots.
  • Multi-layered door panels: Our standard is to install door panels with multiple layers for enhanced strength and energy efficiency.
  • Literally everything else: Garage doors have over 50 moving parts. We utilize high-end materials for every last one of them.

The parts we’ll install on your door won’t just last decades longer. They’ll also save you thousands of dollars in the long run. 

Even better? Investing in these top-notch materials up front adds very, very little to the cost for new garage door installation. Visit our Premium Parts page for the details.

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