guide to garage doors

A Comprehensive Guide to Garage Doors


Garages provide homeowners with places to park their vehicles, store belongings, expand usable space, and much more, with quality garage doors also offering plenty of benefits. For example, a quality door:

  • Provides security to protect your property
  • Protects your vehicles and more from the weather
  • Conserves energy when properly insulated
  • Adds attractive curb appeal to your home

If you’re looking for a quality garage door for your home (or for your business), Presto Garage & Gutter offers premium products installed by trained employees using proven processes.

If you’re ready to talk about your needs, contact us to schedule a virtual consultation or call us in Charlotte, North Carolina at 704-397-3002 or in Cornelius, North Carolina at 704-895-1006. For more information, read on!

New Garage Doors

The visual appeal of a new door for your garage is important, but it’s what’s on the inside of the door that makes the real difference. After all, this very may well be the biggest door in your home and, when it’s not properly insulated, the garage can get hot and sticky in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. If this is an attached garage, this can also have a negative impact on the comfort of your home and boost what you pay in energy bills.

As side benefits, insulated doors tend to be stronger and operate more quietly. Wind ratings also matter, with wind-resistant doors a real plus, with different geographical areas having different building code requirements. Our expert team can explain insulation types, wind codes, and more, and answer all of your questions.

Types of new garage doors available at Presto Garage & Gutter include:

  • Traditional Doors
  • Carriage House Doors
  • Composite Overlay Doors
  • Custom Wood Doors
  • Specialty Doors

Today’s thermal insulation choices provide levels of energy efficient garage doors that were unheard of not that long ago. Our new garage doors have an interior wind load reinforcement system and they can withstand up to Category 3 hurricane wind speeds of 130 mph. Here are more specifics about each of the categories.

Traditional Doors

Traditional Garage door These beautiful steel doors are considered “traditional” because of their classic design, with styles that typically feature raised panels—with or without windows. We have dozens of designs to choose from and nearly two dozen decorative window options. The up-and-down performance is time tested with long-lasting results.

Carriage House Doors

Carriage House Garage Door This up-and-down style of doors comes with unique, eye-catching designs, and they also feature high-tech thermal insulation and the same amount of wind resistance as our traditional doors. As with all our doors, we use springs that last 500% longer, with 38% quieter operating systems.

Composite Overlay Doors

Composite Overlay Garage Door Picture a seamless combination of galvanized steel and heavy-duty PVC, wrapped into one beautiful door—and you’ve got the composite overlay option. They come with the thermal insulation and wind resistance you’d expect from Presto, as well as the quality springs and operating system.

Custom Wood Doors

Custom Wood Garage Door These gorgeous doors are handcrafted by the highest caliber of master craftsmen in the United States. These are excellent choices for homeowners who want custom-made beauty, while also wanting to benefit from powerhouse performance and elite energy efficiency. You can choose from a popular design or submit your own, selecting from a spectrum of beautiful woods, windows, and decorative hardware.

Specialty Doors

Specialty Garage Door Presto Garage & Gutter also offers one-of-a-kind specialty doors that will bring a bold, modern look to your home. With our Century Modern and Panorama Collections to choose from, the unrestricted possibilities of panel-placement and window options will allow you to create a design that will perfectly reflect your style.

Returns on Investment

According to, the home improvement project with the best return on investment (ROI) is a garage door replacement—featuring an incredible 97.5 percent ROI! This means that, when you sell your home, the upgrade just about pays for itself.

What Home Advisor says is worth quoting: “The near-perfect return on this project is because it improves both a home’s beauty and functionality. Faulty garage doors can cause flooding, threaten your home’s energy efficiency and provide access to burglars. Garage door updates also function as aesthetic upgrades.” adds more ROI insights. Besides being the investment that adds the most to a home’s curb appeal, the article discusses how, in the 2019 Cost versus Value Report by Remodeling magazine, the ROI for a garage door replacement is even higher: 98.3 percent. When drilling down to specific geographies, ROI was 100 percent in 46 out of 100 markets.

Commercial Garage Doors

commercial garage doors

Commercial garage doors need to be durable and of high quality because malfunctions can create downtime that costs the business significant amounts of money. This is true for mom and pop shops that rely on garages for vehicles and storage space to Fortune 500 companies with extensive loading dock equipment.

For long lasting use, these doors must be made of quality parts, with no skimping, including the door spring because they will be opened and closed far more often than a residential door. The appropriate security features are also crucial to help prevent break-ins, with insulation and wind resistance also key.

Presto Garage & Gutter is a trusted partner for significant numbers of commercial clients. Our experienced team learns more about your business’s needs, challenges, and budget before making recommendations, with each of our products high end and durable. Our technicians are certified and well trained in how to get your job done right with minimal business interruptions.

We’re a one-stop-shop with turnkey solutions, using the best products from the best manufacturers that come with the strongest warranties. Our skilled technicians have had background checks, along with third-party certifications for their technical skills. They are E-verified and are vetted employees, not contractors.

Garage Door Installation

garage door installation

Choosing the right door is crucial—and so is a professional installation. Garage door installation is not a DIY project, whether you’re talking about residential or commercial garage door installation.

When choosing a door, be sure to ask who will install it and what qualifications they have. The best door, when inappropriately installed, can malfunction, cause energy loss, and much more. Are the people who would install your door employees of the company or contractors? Are the installers licensed, insured, and certified? Although there are subcontractors who can do decent work, the company has less control over their training, procedures and more. Subcontractors are in charge of their own schedules, too, and may not appear when expected.

At Presto Garage & Gutter, we vet our crews, checking their backgrounds and conducting drug testing. We create and manage their schedules so your work is done on time, right when you expect our team to arrive.

We hire only the top one percent of applicants, hiring them based on their technical skills and talent, as well as their attitude, and then we provide rigorous, from the ground up training about our proprietary installation process. This training program means that you benefit by having garage door installers with the experience, knowledge, and skill needed to optimally manage your installation.

Plus, we have separate crews for door installation services and garage floor installations. This strategy allows each member of our dedicated team to become exceptionally good at what they do, rather than trying to turn them into jacks/jills of all trades, but masters of none.

Garage Door Openers

The benefits of quality garage door openers are numerous. At the top of this list: home and/or business security. Besides requiring a code for a door to open, there are other settings and protections built into a quality door opener. There are rolling frequencies that cause the code to change, making it even harder for a thief to break in, with the ability to create temporary or custom codes for visitors. The openers can turn lights and off and otherwise boost security, with the capability of timing when this occurs.

Door openers also add plenty of convenience, giving homeowners and business owners the ability to control and monitor their garage doors through their mobile devices. Hands-free operation simplifies your life, with battery backups allowing this convenience to continue, even when the power goes out. Plus, options for door openers are even more energy efficient than before, in part because of low-power standby modes.

Garage door openers range significantly in quality. There are ones you can buy at a local hardware or home store, but they tend to be crafted by low gauge, low quality steel with a flimsy rail system. They are put together from multiple pieces, which results in weaker structural integrity and, if the doors are more than seven feet in height, you’ll also need to buy an extension kit.

At Presto Garage & Gutter, our door openers are crafted from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel with ultra strength strapping, one solid piece for the maximum in structural integrity. Our openers work with all shapes and sizes of doors, with a stout rail system that’s backed by a lifetime warranty.

Garage Door Repairs

Quality doors that have been professionally installed typically have a long lifetime. Over time, it’s inevitable that garage door repairs will be needed, here are three of the more common issues.

Broken Springs

A torsion spring can typically operate for 10,000 cycles before breaking. This means it will open and close a garage door 10,000 times before needing repair. And, whether what’s needed is to repair garage door springs or to replace garage door springs, we’ll take care of that.

Worn Out Rollers

When a torsion spring breaks, it’s likely that rollers are also worn down. When they have significant wear, they can hamper the operation of the door.

Broken or Bent Hinges

These parts keep door panels in their tracks and, over time, they can bend or break. When hinges have become compromised, the entire door mechanism may need to be adjusted.

Other Common Issues

These can include snapped cables, damaged door panels, and malfunctioning openers, weather stripping wear or keyless entry issues.

In-House Garage Door Repair Technicians

When your garage door isn’t working properly, this can present an urgent security problem for your family. That’s why Presto Garage & Gutter provide a four-hour turnaround, 24/7, for our arrival for repairs. We understand that some garage door repairs just can’t wait, so our trained, experienced technicians are on standby. Each has at least five years of experience and can fix the most challenging problems.

All employees on our repair team go through a background check and are drug tested. When they arrive in a branded truck, they’ll show you proper identification and then treat you with respect and courtesy.

Some people may hesitate to take advantage of off-hour repair services, but our ultra-competitive prices are also consistent, no matter what day or time you need them. Unlike with some competitors, there is no premium pricing when you contact Presto.

After arrival, your technician will conduct an in-depth inspection of your door system and provide you with a diagnosis and recommendation. Before any work is started, we will clearly explain the problem, what repair is needed, and how much it will cost. We won’t begin the repair until we have your blessing to do so.

Design Consultations

garage door design consultation Choosing the optimal garage door can be tough since there are thousands (literally!) of combinations of style, color, and materials. Plus, besides deciding what looks the most attractive, you’ll want the solution that’s ideal for your needs and situation.

To help, we’ve created our exclusive Presto Design Consultation™ that allows you to plan down to the last detail. An expert Presto Design Consultant will sit down with you to custom-create your perfect garage, one that’s beautiful and perfectly calibrated to your needs, habits, and budget.

Through our proprietary Needs Analysis, we’ll identify the perfect materials and flawlessly optimize every detail of your project. Then, through the use of our Garage Door Visualizer, you can see what your garage will look like and compare it to limitless numbers of other design possibilities. That way, you’ll have eliminated surprises and regrets, ordering the best possible door.

Choosing Presto Garage & Gutter

From our design services to the quality of our materials, and from our in-house installers to no-nonsense warranties, relentless reliability, and proven processes, Presto Garage & Gutter provides all that’s needed and more for new garage doors in North Carolina.

We offer instant and transparent pricing, using special technology that prices your project in real time—and we mean down to the penny. You’ll see where every one of your dollars go and the price will remain exactly the same throughout the project.

In short, we don’t play pricing games.

Plus, we don’t do hard closes. After our consultation, we’ll provide a firm quote for your ideal project and step back to let you make your decision. If you decide to move forward, we’ll be thrilled to have you as a customer!

If you need time to think things over, that’s okay, too. Your price is locked in for 30 days after your consultation. We’ll email you the design of your project so you can consider your options. At Presto, we focus on providing you with the perfect garage door in a refreshingly low stress environment.

To ask questions or to get started on the process, please contact us online or call us in Charlotte, North Carolina at 704-397-3002 or in Cornelius, North Carolina at 704-895-1006. We look forward to meeting you!

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