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Contribute To Our Website

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Work With Us!


Affiliate Program

Presto offers affiliates the option of choosing between a payment per lead of $75 or 10% of revenue share. Presto only purchases exclusive leads, and any evidence of selling to multiple buyers will exclude you from the program. We do not accept Home Advisor or other types of aggregator leads. At this time, we only offer services in the Charlotte, NC area. This area will begin to expand before the end of 2021. 

Presto offers several high-end products that our affiliates can promote. Garage Doors, Seamless Gutters, Gutter Guards and Garage Flooring. Our average sale is in excess of $2000 and well qualified leads close at a rate of nearly 50%. 

Once you are set up as an affiliate, you will be given a landing page to drive traffic to. This page will be set up to alert you by email of opt-ins or phone calls. You will also be able to track your deals in our CRM. We offer full transparency. We want you to succeed, so that you are motivated to keep sending us traffic. 


Write For Us

Starting in 2021, Presto will begin producing DIY, How-to, and other content related to garage doors, gutters and garage flooring to assist our clients in their projects. Presto will use search marketing and social media to promote this content. If you have a piece of content you’d like to add to our site you must email this content or your idea to rbroome at prestogarageandgutter (dot)com


Presto only accepts premium content with no less than 1000 words with images to clearly illustrate the intent of your post. Presto does not accept outbound links to any websites outside of home improvement or related niches. 


Now is the time to submit your content as we will only be accepting 3rd party content for a limited time. A link on our website will be far more valuable in the near future as we have big plans for Presto. 


If you’re a talented content creator, and you have value to add to our website, please contact us at the email above with your ideas and rates.