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Get A Beautiful, Heavy-Duty Garage Floor Coating For Your Charlotte Home In 4 Hours!

Presto NextGen® Polyaspartic Floor Coating Lasts 400% Longer & Cures 12 Times Faster Than Epoxy. Ask Us About Our 110% Price Match Guarantee!

Want to fix your ugly, unsafe, cracked garage floor? Presto NextGen® 4-Hour Garage Flooring can transform it into a stunning showpiece in just 4 hours!

Our special concrete-coating system blows traditional epoxy floor coatings out of the water. From a 400% longer lifespan to a 12-times faster curing time, Presto NextGen Garage Floors are the convenient, peace-of-mind garage floor solution. 

Our “Special Sauce” is an exclusive polyaspartic formula. It not only outlasts epoxies, but polyurethanes and other polyaspartics as well. It’s THE garage floor solution for homeowners who want maximum value for their investment.

Looking For The Best Garage Floor Coating in Charlotte?

8 Reasons To Choose Presto NextGen

Chemical and liquid spills can stain and corrode epoxy coatings. Presto NextGen is made with special polyaspartic, a hybrid compound that resists stains and corrosion from chemicals. This leaves your garage floor looking fabulous… no matter what gets poured, dumped, or dropped on it.

The superior nature of our polyaspartic prevents scratching, chipping, yellowing, and fading. And since it’s twice as thick as epoxy, it can withstand heavy foot traffic and high-impact force for 400% longer. 

When you pull into your garage, your tires are hot from driving. This heat can cause epoxy coatings to lift away from the floor. Presto NextGen is impervious to hot-tire pickup… making our garage-floor coatings suitable for, you know, actual garages.

Presto NextGen Garage Floors stay looking glossy and like-new with only a periodic dry sweep and wet mop with a mild detergent as needed. No labor-intensive cleaning. No costly maintenance. No stripping, waxing, or polishing. Period.

To ensure proper adhesion and curing, epoxy coatings have to be installed in temperatures between 50⁰F to 80⁰F. NextGen can be installed properly in near 0⁰F temperatures!

While epoxy can potentially worsen your garage’s air quality, polyaspartic is free from volatile organic compounds (VOC). Polyaspartics are virtually odorless and contribute toward satisfying credits for LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design).

Our floor applicators are trained, vetted, and skilled employees. To ensure the smoothest finish, they take the time to fix any cracks or uneven spots in the concrete before NextGen installation.

Epoxy coatings require about 48 hours before it can be walked on and at least 5 days before you can drive on it. NextGen Flooring is installed within 4 hours, can be walked on in 6 hours, and driven on in 24 hours!

When It Comes To Garage Floors, It’s About Time.

Here’s Our Process…

Yes, It’s That EASY!

Here’s Our Process…

Frequently Asked Garage Floor Coating Questions

A polyaspartic floor coating is the best flooring for a garage because this heavy duty coating lasts 400 percent longer than epoxy while curing 12 times more quickly. It has an attractive finish that’s scratch, chip, fade resistant while being impervious to chemicals, plus many more benefits. Read our garage floor coatings guide, where we go into much more detail!
A polyaspartic floor coating! This type of garage flooring will, in fact, last 400 percent longer than an epoxy floor while also providing plenty of other benefits. Garage floor coatings need to be ultra-tough because of the beating they take. An average car today weighs about four thousand pounds. A small pickup truck? Five to seven thousand pounds. Then factor in equipment stored in your garage, people who walk on the flooring, and so forth—and it quickly becomes clear how the durability of a polyaspartic floor coating is a huge benefit.

There are numerous types of garage floorings available, with epoxy being applied like paint and serving as a garage floor sealer. While epoxy does have some advantages, such as a relatively low cost and it can be a more effective choice than other types of garage floor coverings, there are also disadvantages that may cause someone to decide it’s not worth it to epoxy their garage floor. These include the intense floor prep involved, which can even include an acid wash under some circumstances; the length of time it takes before you can use your garage again (figure two days before walking on it and five or more days before driving on an epoxy floor); and the fact that epoxy isn’t always as long-lasting as, say, putting down tiles or a rolled-out garage floor covering.

Our take: epoxy is better than some options but not as worthwhile as a polyaspartic floor coating, such as our Presto NextGen® Flooring.

This is a crucial question to ask any company that offers garage floor coatings. At Presto, we’ve made the deliberate choice to hire garage floor installers—rather than using subcontractors. This allows us to carefully vet, background check, drug test, and train our installation crews, and it also gives us the ability to have great quality control. We only hire the cream of the crop, meaning the top one percent of applicants.

Plus, each of our employees specializes. That means that the person who installs garage doors wouldn’t also install garage flooring—and vice versa. Instead, we want each of our employees to specialize in one thing, being the absolute best they can be while providing you with 100 percent of their unrivaled skills, personal attention, and world-class customer service.

A Presto Garage & Gutter installation professional has an average of five years’ worth of experience. When you add up the experience of all of our employees, that’s more than 180 years of know-how right at our fingertips—available to benefit our customers. Say “yes” to Presto and you’re saying “yes” to seasoned installation veterans.
We offer free, no-pressure, virtual consultations. And, when we say no-pressure and when we say consult, that’s exactly what we mean. We don’t push for a sale. Instead, we offer a free discussion with a design professional who considers your wants and needs, with recommendations calibrated for your budget. We’ll help you to custom create your dream flooring that’s both attractive and tough as nails. As far as making comparisons, our proprietary Needs Analysis allows you to compare choices. That way, you can home in on exactly what’s right for you without any surprise or regret.
Our garage floor coating is an investment in your home. It’s not the cheapest option, but we believe it’s the best. To help, we’ve made financing available, easily and at excellent terms, for people who have credit scores of at least 580. Pre-approval is fast, as quick as in 60 seconds, and pre-approvals come with a soft credit pull that won’t affect your credit scores. Financing is available for projects that cost $1,000 or more and, with approved credit, no-interest plans are available.
First, we believe we offer the best garage floor coating available today with premier installations and customer service that’s second to none. We’ve received the Angie’s List Super Service Award every year since 2011, which is one of the most recognizable symbols of trustworthiness in the home improvement industry. To receive this award, a company must pass a background check, maintain an “A” rating, and be in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Plus, we need to receive a certain number of reviews.

We’re HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved, a Houzz Recommended Contractor, and certified by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). So, we’re not just saying we have the best garage floor coating. We also have the awards, certifications, reviews, and customer testimonials to back that up.

Presto is fully insured, including with workers’ comp, which means you won’t be liable if an accident would occur on your property. We’ll show you our proof of insurance, too, letting you see how you’re dealing with a professional company that takes its responsibilities seriously. Plus, we never play pricing games. We’re transparent, down to the last penny.
You can schedule a virtual consultation online in minutes! Or give us a call at 704-397-3002 in Charlotte, North Carolina or 704-895-1006 in Cornelius, North Carolina. We look forward to meeting you to discuss the best garage floor coatings available today!

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