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Our Better-Than-Epoxy Garage Floor Coating For Your Home in Concord

Presto’s 4-Hour Garage Floor Coatings Will Transform Your Space In Less than a Day!

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Since 2001, we’ve been helping our friends and neighbors in Concord get the garage of their dreams that performs as great as it looks. In as few as four hours, your garage floor will be a showstopper with our specialized NextGen® Polyaspartic floor coating.

Advantages of a NextGen® Polyaspartic Versus Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

We’ve all seen the quick DIY garage floor coatings at the local hardware store. So what makes NextGen® polyaspartic floor coverings different? It’s our proprietary compound and expert installation of this truly next-generation product that blows away epoxy garage floor coatings. 

Some of the advantages of polyaspartic floor coating over epoxy include:

  • Waterproof & Chemical-resistant – Having an impermeable layer in your garage floor means water and chemicals won’t stain and corrode your garage floor like they can with epoxy floors.
  • Extra-durable – The scratching and chipping that comes with an epoxy floor is a thing of the past with NextGen® floor coatings. Polyaspartic floors last 400% longer with a compound that’s twice as thick as traditional epoxy floor coatings.
  • Easy Cleanup – Presto’s NextGen garage floors maintain their look with minimal upkeep.
  • Easy Installation – With greater flexibility in installation, it doesn’t matter what the weather in Concord throws your installer’s way—these floors will go down just as great in as little as four hours and be ready for use in 24 hours instead of waiting five days or more to drive on an epoxy floor.

Garage Floor Coating Installation in Concord

Uneven floors are unattractive and can even be unsafe, so why not beautify your garage with a brand-new garage floor coating that will give you years of excellent performance?

With our specialized concrete-coating system, our NextGen® garage floors bring heavy-duty protection and beautiful aesthetics together in one package. Epoxy garage floor coatings require a lengthy curing time and don’t stand up well to everything your garage floor takes on a daily basis. Our NextGen® floor coverings give you a 400% longer lifespan and 12-times faster curing.

New garage floor sealers are an investment in your home. Maximizing this investment requires a product that’s tough enough to remain intact season after season and stay looking great. NextGen® polyaspartic floor coverings provide this and more with some of the longest-lasting coatings on the market today.

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Garage Floor Coating FAQs

Epoxy paints crack and peel over time, but NextGen® polyaspartic floor coverings last 400% longer, making them a great long-term investment for your Concord home.
Presto’s NextGen Flooring can be completely installed in one day! The flooring is applied in about four hours, can be walked on in six hours, and driven on in 24 hours.

The price of a floor coating project depends on several factors, such as the size of the garage floor in your Concord home and its current condition. Contact our team for a free, no-obligation consultation—we’ll plan your new garage floor garage floor down to the last detail, including a complete ironclad estimate.

Schedule a New Garage Floor Coating Appointment

Book an appointment with one of our pros to cover all the details for a new garage floor coating installation in Concord today.

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