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A Revolutionary Alternative to Epoxy Garage Floor Coating in Denver, NC

Looking For Epoxy Garage Flooring in Denver, NC? We Have Something Better!

With NextGen® Polyaspartic Floor Coating, you’ll have the garage floor of your dreams installed in as little as four hours. Our innovative formula is 400% more durable than epoxy and cures up to 12 times faster. If you’re looking for a quality garage flooring company, you’ve come to the right place. Presto Garage and Gutter in Denver, NC has been serving our friends and neighbors in North Carolina since 2001.

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What Makes Presto NextGen® Polyaspartic Floor Coating So Revolutionary?

Unsealed concrete garage floors get stained, cracked, and uneven over time. Polyaspartic floor coatings solve all of these problems and transform even the ugliest garages into beautiful, show-worthy spaces in just hours.

Epoxy garage floor coating used to be the go-to product for beautifying your garage floor, but over time, epoxy coatings proved to have some significant shortcomings. They provide only limited durability, are susceptible to stains, and have a long curing process.

Presto’s Polyaspartic Floor Coating is not only thicker and more durable than epoxies, but it cures up to 12-times faster and stands up to every day wear and tear. It also has a fast and easy installation process, so your garage won’t be out of order for long.

Our revolutionary product is applied in as little as four hours, ready to walk on in six hours, and driveable in 24 hours. This innovative concrete coating system blows other floor coatings out of the water. No other product on the market today can compete with Presto NextGen 4-Hour Garage Flooring, which combines fabulous looks with fast-curing time, strength, and durability.

Top Advantages of NextGen® Compared to Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Unsealed garages are like magnets for stains from oil and chemical spills, which can be difficult or impossible to clean. Epoxy floor coatings only offer so much protection and become increasingly susceptible to chemical staining over time. Unlike epoxies, NextGen® Polyaspartic Floor Coatings are impervious to everyday garage spills.

Due to specialized hybrid compounds, polyaspartics are thicker and last longer than epoxies. Our polyaspartic coatings are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Superior durability, along with a fast and easy installation process, makes NextGen® one of the best garage floor coatings on the market today.

Reasons to Choose Presto NextGen®

Scratch, Chip, and Fade Resistant

The superior nature of Presto NextGen® Polyaspartic Flooring makes it resistant to scratches, chips, discoloration and fading. Twice as thick as epoxy, NextGen® 4-Hour Floor Coating can handle high impact force and foot traffic for 400% longer. In other words, NextGen® is designed for actual garages.

Impervious to Chemicals

Liquid chemical spills can stain and corrode other floor coatings, including epoxy; however, this is not the case with NextGen® Polyaspartic. Our special hybrid compound is formulated to resist stains and corrosion from chemicals. This leaves your garage floor in pristine condition, regardless of what gets spilled or dropped on it.

Endures Garage-Related Punishment

When you pull into the garage after a long drive, the heat from your tires can cause epoxy garage flooring to lift. Presto’s NextGen® is much more suitable for garages because it’s impervious to “hot-tire pickup.”

Safe for Your Health

Better for you and the environment, polyaspartic flooring is free of any volatile organic compounds (VOC). Polyaspartic also contributes toward satisfying LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) credits. And it’s virtually odor-free!

Easy to Clean

Presto NextGen® Floors stay glossy and new-looking with nothing more than a periodic sweep and mop with a mild detergent. While other floorings often require stripping, waxing, and polishing, there’s no labor-intensive cleaning or costly maintenance with NextGen®.

All-Temperature Installation

Epoxy garage floor coating has to be applied within a specific temperature range in order to ensure proper adherence, but NextGen® can be installed properly at temperatures near zero degrees Fahrenheit. Our all-temperature installation means you won’t have to wait for the perfect weather conditions to get your fabulous new garage flooring installed.

Done in 24 Hours

Epoxy floorings require about a 48-hour wait before you can walk on them and at least five days before they are driveable. NextGen® Flooring is installed in about four hours, walkable in six hours, and driveable in 24 hours!
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Garage Floor Coating FAQs

NextGen® Polyaspartic Floor Coating is hands down the best garage floor coating on the market due to its fast, easy installation process combined with superior thickness and durability.
Concrete stains are a much different product than garage floor sealers and do not provide the same level of protection. With Presto’s NextGen® Flooring, you get a garage floor that’s impervious to chemicals and spills, resists cracking, and cures faster than concrete stains, epoxies, and other sealers.
Presto’s NextGen® 4-Hour Garage Flooring is one of the fastest curing floor sealers on the market today. Installed in four hours, walkable in six, and driveable in 24, NextGen offers maximum protection without putting your garage out of order for days at a time.
The cost of our garage floor coatings depends on several factors, such as the condition and size of your garage floor. Our garage pros will take all the time you need to go over the details of your project before starting it. We never play pricing games — we’ll give you an accurate quote upfront, down to the penny. Our proprietary Needs Analysis System considers your wants and needs and calibrates our recommendations for your budget. This comprehensive analysis allows you to choose your perfect style — without any regrets.

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