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Our Better-Than-Epoxy Garage Floor Coating for Your Harrisburg, NC Home

Get the garage floor coating of your dreams in one day with Presto NextGen® Polyaspartic Flooring!

Unsealed concrete floors are hard to clean, susceptible to chemical stains, and tend to crack over time. Presto’s NextGen® Polyaspartic Floor Coating solves these problems plus transforms your garage into a beautiful showplace. Presto’s revolutionary floor coating cures up to 12X faster than epoxy and has a 400% longer lifespan.

Our exclusive one-day process begins with repairing any cracks or uneven areas in your concrete floor. Next, the new coating is applied in as little as four hours. Six hours later, you can walk on it, and you can confidently drive on it in 24. Other floor coverings just can’t compete with our exclusive one-day installation process.

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What's So Revolutionary About Presto NextGen® Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating?

At one time, it was popular to paint your garage floors to improve the look. Unfortunately, concrete paint needs to be reapplied fairly often, does not prevent cracks, and is easily stained by chemicals. Painting your concrete just doesn’t give you the same level of protection that other floor sealers provide.

Epoxy garage floor coating was a big step forward in garage floor coverings since it offered more protection than concrete stains and other garage floor sealers. Still, epoxy comes with significant disadvantages. For example, epoxy requires time-consuming prep work such as scrubbing, grinding, and sometimes even an acid wash. Over time, epoxies become increasingly susceptible to stains, cracks, and lifting. And they take a long time to cure, rendering your garage useless for days.

While epoxy is more effective than many other floor coatings out there, it is no longer the latest and greatest in garage floor solutions. Presto NextGen® Polyaspartic Floor Coatings provide all the same benefits of epoxy and more, without its challenges. Best of all, our polyaspartic is twice as thick and four times more durable than epoxy, so you won’t have to keep re-installing it.

Another benefit of polyaspartic is how quickly it cures compared to old-school epoxy. Our Polyaspartic Floor Coating is installed in four hours, walkable in six, and driveable in 24. That’s pretty amazing for a floor covering that’s 400% stronger than epoxy! Superior products paired with exceptional service make Presto Garage & Gutter in Harrisburg a top choice for garage floor coatings. Don’t pay the same for an inferior epoxy garage floor coating system. 

NextGen® Polyaspartic Floor Coating vs. Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Let’s break down some of the main advantages of NextGen® One-Day Polyaspartic Floor Coating over epoxy:

Stain-resistant: Our polyaspartic compound resists stains and corrosion, so no matter what you spill or drop on it, it still looks fabulous. Compare that to epoxy coatings that are easily stained and corroded as a result of liquid spills.

Scratch, chip, and fade-resistant: Twice as thick as epoxy, our polyaspartic garage floor coating resists chips, scratches, fading, and yellowing. The superior strength of polyaspartic makes it ideal for garages that take a beating from heavy foot traffic, liquid spills, and the high-impact force of vehicles.

Impervious to hot tire pick-up: Your tires can become up 50 degrees hotter than their surroundings, so your garage floor should be able to endure temperatures of around 140 degrees. Unlike epoxy that can lift from the floor in 90-degree weather, our polyaspartic can handle the heat. Epoxy garage floor coatings can’t stand up to the heat. 

Easy to maintain: With Presto NextGen®, your garage floors will stay glossy and beautiful with nothing more than a periodic sweep and mop. There’s no stripping, waxing, polishing, or labor-intensive cleaning.

Year-round installation: NextGen® Polyaspartic can be installed in a wide range of temperatures. However, epoxy garage floor coating needs to be installed during weather that’s neither too hot nor too cold.

VOC-free: Polyaspartic is healthier for you because it’s free of volatile organic compounds (VOC). It can even help satisfy LEED credits. Epoxy, on the other hand, can potentially worsen the air quality inside your garage.

Fast curing: As previously mentioned, Presto NextGen® Flooring is installed in four hours and can be driven on in 24. With epoxy, you’ll need to wait at least five days before driving on it.

No-Pressure Garage Flooring Design Consultation

Whether you’ve already made the decision to get a new garage floor covering or you’re still exploring your options, we invite you to speak with one of our garage floor pros about our polyaspartic coatings. Our proprietary Needs Analysis System allows you to compare choices and narrows them down to what’s best for your garage. In a nutshell, we are offering you an informative discussion with an experienced design professional.

We recognize that a new garage floor coating is a substantial investment in your Harrisburg, NC home, so after the consultation, we’ll give you time to think about whether polyaspartic floor coating is right for you. We never do hard sells or play pricing games. If you decide to move forward, that’s great! Our garage floor pros will be happy to discuss all of your floor coating options so you won’t have any regrets later.

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Garage Floor Coating FAQs

Presto NextGen® Polyaspartic Floor Coating is the best garage floor sealer on the market. Superior durability paired with a convenient installation process makes these coatings a simple solution for your past garage floor woes.
Hands down, Presto’s NextGen® Polyaspartic Coating is one of the fastest curing garage floor coverings available today. Driveable in 24 hours, our one-day flooring provides maximum protection in a minimum amount of time.
The cost of your Polyaspartic Floor Coating installation will depend on the size and state of your existing garage floor. Our Harrisburg garage and gutter pros will give you a firm quote down to the penny, so there won’t be any surprises on installation day.

Schedule a Free, No-Pressure Consultation

Book an appointment with one of our pros to cover all the details for a new garage floor coating installation in Harrisburg today.

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