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The Best Coupons For Your Project

In today’s blog post, I’d like to examine many of the coupons that garage door companies offer in their advertising campaigns. I’ll break these out in to sections based on the most common. I’d like to say right up front how utterly useless some of these coupons really are. That’s why you will see that Garage Doors & More doesn’t offer many of them.

Garage Doors

Let’s start with the most useless of them all. The ole’ $100 off a single door, or $200 off a double door coupon. These coupons are utterly worthless. 1st of all, most people have zero idea what a new garage door even cost, so giving them a dollar amount off means nothing. It just leaves so much room for shady door guys to add the coupon value to the quote, so they can knock it back off later. That’s why we put our installed prices right in to our ads.

Garage Door Springs

This could be the shadiest of all ads and pitches in our industry. Many door companies advertise online and when you call them that their springs are $89 each. Here’s the big secret, they don’t mention that there is a service call and an installation fee once they arrive. What some of the worst companies also fail to mention is that when you need your garage door opener limits and forces reset to work well with your new spring system that you will incur even more labor charges.

Tune Ups

It would be great if the public had awareness to keep their garage doors in great working order like they do their cars. Maybe our very own pitchman like Mr. Goodwrench. Right now, it’s just a pipedream. Most homeowners give their door systems little attention until they are in serious need of TLC. However, there are a few that take preventive measures and get their scheduled maintenance as suggested by door and opener manufacturers. For these diligent few, coupons for tune ups may come in handy. What we have found on many occasions is that these $49 to $59 tune up offers are not all inclusive. In most cases, the service call fee of as much as $89 exceeds the cost of the tune up itself. That great deal of a $59 tune up winds up being north of $150 due to the fine print. Call the company before scheduling. Get the name of the person answering the calls and ask some clarifying questions.

General Repairs

When it comes to reputable door companies, these coupons are generally a good value. Companies like ours use a standard price sheet that we quote labor and parts prices from and we have no issue showing the customer exactly how we arrived at a price. I would just be wary about any coupons with a huge face value over $50. We tried higher amounts in the past while building our company and those amounts can’t be sustained while keeping reasonable every day prices. Get a free service call here.

Garage Door Openers

Before embarking on a rant about garage door openers, I will have to admit that I’ve crossed the line here myself on my garage door opener coupon offers. I don’t think that offering garage door opener prices without labor is the best way of doing business, but our response doubles when we offer an opener at a low price with fine print of, “Installation Extra”. Now, if you look on this site today, you will see opener prices and those include professional installation. Since we don’t sell parts to the public for DIY installation, it just makes little sense to not include the labor. When it’s not included, the price is pretty much arbitrary anyway. A $219 opener with a travel fee and installation is often up to $400. Why go through the pains of trying to explain that away. No need, just offer a great all-inclusive price on your site! See our opener specials here.

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