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The Benefits of Installing an Energy-Efficient Garage Door


When you consider all of the exterior doors and windows in your home that can be opened, the garage door is almost certainly the largest—and probably by a significant amount. It needs to be big enough to easily get your vehicles in and out of the garage, but this large opening can also present an energy efficiency problem. That’s because the outside air gets inside quite easily, whether it’s the hot air of summer or the cold air of winter, destabilizing the temperature of the air inside of the garage.
Even when the garage door is closed, air can seep in when the door isn’t appropriately insulated or professionally installed. If the garage is attached to your home, then the air in the garage can travel through the doorway to your living area and cause your home to become less energy efficient. An insulated garage door, though, will reduce the transfer of air from the outside to the inside to reduce its impact on the temperatures inside of the house.

Read on as we share more benefits of an energy-efficient garage door. If you’re already in the market for a new garage door, we offer attractive options with hyper-efficient thermal insulation. To see what’s right for your needs, you can book a no-pressure, virtual consultation online or give us a call at (704) 895-1006.

More Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

An insulated door comes with many benefits, including the following.

  1. Many people use their garages as a place to work on their vehicles or as a workshop, or as a workout room to exercise. So, it’s important to have temperatures managed for comfort. An insulated garage door will allow you to reduce the fluctuations in temperature.
  2. Sometimes, the garage is located underneath a room in your home. If so, then hot or cold air could travel through the garage’s ceiling, having an unwanted effect in the room above, which can then spread to other nearby rooms. When you install a garage door that’s well insulated, the temperatures in the garage will be more stable. This in turn will lessen its impact on the room located above the garage, helping with your home’s overall energy efficiency.
  3. Insulated doors for garages tend to be quieter with fewer vibrations, helping to minimize overall noise at the home.
  4. Plus, insulated garage doors tend to have a more attractive interior—and we have countless options to choose from that are also appealing on the exterior, each of which will add real curb appeal to your home.


Many manufacturers use R-values to measure the energy efficiency of their doors, which is a number that’s calculated by the thickness of the insulation and its chemical properties. It doesn’t, though, factor in the door’s construction, so note that the R-value is only a partial answer. You may have heard that a garage door should have an R-value of at least 10. The higher the number, the better the insulation value.

Compare the value of “10” to the R-value of our Infinity Traditional Collection, which comes with triple-layer construction that combines the strength of steel with state-of-the-art CFC-free polyurethane thermal efficiency. It’s no surprise, then, that this is our most energy-efficient garage door—one that comes with an R-value of up to 19.40. Because of its interior wind load reinforcement system, this door can withstand up to Category 3 hurricane winds up to speeds of 130 mph.

At Presto Garage & Gutter, we only offer the best products, which doesn’t translate into the cheapest. There is another key benefit of installing a quality garage door, though: its exceptionally high ROI.

Garage Door ROI discusses how you can benefit from a solid return on investment (ROI) when installing a new garage door. In fact, in Remodeling magazine’s 2019 Cost Versus Value Report, a garage door replacement is the top remodeling project when looking at ROI, coming in at an impressive 97.5%.

In another study, 70 percent of real estate professionals were surveyed and agree that a new garage door can add $8,000 to $14,000 to a home’s sales price. Plus, besides selling for more money, a new garage door can help a home to sell more quickly. So, whether you intend to stay in your home and enjoy the energy efficiency and curb appeal of a new garage door—or to benefit from this upgrade by securing a better sales price, more quickly—new garage doors are an excellent way to improve a home.

Installation Matters

You can choose a garage door that is rated well for energy efficiency but, if it isn’t properly installed, you won’t get the optimal benefits. For example, if the door is installed in a way that creates significant gaps between the surrounding garage walls, this will allow plenty of air leakage to take place. When the door is properly installed, the technician will make sure that all fits well with the appropriate seals, hardware, and more used to maximize energy efficiency.

Presto Uses In-House Installers

We’re one of the region’s few companies that, rather than subcontracting out garage door installations, we use actual employees—and the difference is extraordinary. Because we use employees only, this gives us greater quality control, including with the scheduling of projects.

Presto hires only the top 1% of applicants, hiring for talent and attitude alike. Our technicians need to be friendly and courteous, reliable and punctual. We then put each new employee through a rigorous training program, one that lasts about six months. Plus, each employee specializes. Those that install garage doors only install garage doors. This specialization allows them to become the absolute best at what they do.

When a Presto installer arrives at your home, you know you’ve got the cream of the crop working on your project. You won’t find installers in the Charlotte area that have more knowledge, experience, and skill.

Additional Reasons to Choose Presto Garage & Gutter

We offer top quality energy-efficient garage doors with environmentally safe thermal insulation to ensure that you benefit from the maximum in efficiency. We use premium parts, installed by well trained and carefully vetted employees who follow our proven processes.

When you’re ready to explore possibilities for your new door, we offer an in-depth, no pressure design consultation. We will help you to create a fully customized choice that fits your needs, wants, taste, and budget. Our company is fully insured and, at Presto Garage & Gutter, you can count on the most comprehensive protection and guaranteed garage door warranty.
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