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Garage Door Track Types


When you are buying a garage door, it is important to know the type of track that you will need for a simple installation. Getting these measurements wrong can derail a project in an absolute hurry. Follow the simple guide below to insure that the door that you order will fit your application. It is really difficult to make changes to garage door track kits after the fact. Making changes in the field can require different cables, different springs or an entirely new configuration. Save time and money by getting your measurements right the 1st time. If you need help in any way, feel free to call us.

Standard Lift Track with Torsion Springs

Pull a measurement from the top of the garage door opening to the ceiling or closest obstruction.

  • 12” Radius Track- Headroom Required is 13”
  • 15” Radius Track- Headroom Required is 16”
  • Add 3” if using an electric motor

If you have an existing garage door you can measure the track radius by pulling a measurement from the top of the vertical track to the top of the radius on the horizontal track. Knowing this measurement will keep you from having to move your existing opener.

The above illustration is not standard lift track, but it works well to show how to measure track radius.


Low Headroom Double Track

  • Without Motor- You will need at least 10” of headroom
  • With Motor- You will need at least 13” of headroom lowheadroom-front

 Low Headroom Rear Torsion

  • Without Motor- You will need at least 6-½” of headroom
  • With Motor- You will need at least 9-½” of headroom

*Low headroom rear torsion can be installed with the Liftmaster model 8500 jackshaft garage door opener. We have done this on several occasions by mounting the motors on the ceiling of the garage versus the typical wall mount.

 Low Headroom Ext Springs

  • Without Motor- You will need at least 6-½”” of headroom
  • With Motor- You will need at least 9-½” of headroom LHR-Ext

High Lift Track

Provide floor to ceiling measurement. Deduct the opening height, Deduct 16”.


  • Ceiling Height is : 144”
  • Opening Height is : 96”
  • Allowance for Track Radius: 16”

Allowable High Lift is: 32”

*When adding high lift track it is best to install a jackshaft garage door opener. You will need additional door sections if planning to use a trolley opener. If you are adding highlift to an existing garage door you can reach out to us to get a list of parts that you will need. High-Lift-Track

 Roof Pitch Track

  1. Measure floor to ceiling at the opening.
  2. Pull a horizontal measurement from the opening to 1’ more than the door height. If the door is 7’ you will mark a spot on the floor at the 8’ mark.
  3. Measure from floor to the ceiling from that mark on the floor. This will give you your roof pitch. The pitch is calculated by the amount of lift for every linear foot. Roof-pitch-track

 Vertical Lift Track

For vertical lift track the ceiling must be double the height of the opening plus 12”.

Vertical lift doors should be used only with jackshaft garage door openers.

For more information on garage door track types and for pricing give us a call.


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