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A Message From Our Owners

Regarding Garage Door Repair

Welcome to the page for Presto Garage & Gutter Charlotte. On this page, we will give an overview of our products and services and talk about common issues with garage doors and how we operate as a company. I know that some clients are very concerned about calling a service company like ours because you have no idea what a garage door repair cost. No one likes to feel like they are writing a blank check. I don’t like that feeling anymore than the next person. That’s why we do not install parts or complete a repair without your prior consent. Our service calls are conducted as a fact finding and inspection exercise. Once the inspection is complete, we will share our findings, make recommendations based on best practices, but ultimately, any repairs we complete at your home will be according to what you prefer and your budget. Our intent is not to just repair your garage door, but to save you money over the long haul. We like all of our clients to feel like they are getting taken care of at a great price. If you leave your 1st transaction with us feeling satisfied with our service, we hope that you will share your experience with your friends and family. We also hope that you will consider us in the future for one of our other services. 


Regarding Garage Door Installation

Over time, we have learned a great deal of what it takes to help clients find the perfect garage door system for their homes. In the past, we didn’t have access to amazing garage door design apps and product presentation materials. These innovations help clients make smart design choices, and feel confident in how their home will look after installation. 


When you call us for a garage door quote, your meeting with us will begin by taking pictures of your home. When we begin our design consultation, we will show you samples of your design choices and exactly how those doors will look on your home. Once we have design taken care of, we will cover windrating, insulation types and quality, window types, wear part upgrades and go over upgrade cost. We have written a whitepaper that talks about these upgrades. You can download this google doc that goes over these low cost parts upgrades that we feel everyone should take advantage of. Once you make all of the choices that are right for you, we will give you a quote on the spot. The price will be good for 30 days, and that price will be backed by a 110% price match guarantee. 

For More information about our products and services, check out the rest of this page. Our sidebar also contains a number of good shopping guides for what we offer. 

Robert Broome, Founder- Husband
Tisha Broome, Operations- Wife
Tisha Broome

Our Garage Door Services In Charlotte

We will restore your faith in home improvement companies.

Garage Door Replacement Charlotte NC

A broken garage door is more than an inconvenience—it can also be a safety and security hazard. You should never have to wait for expert garage door repair. With our team at Presto Garage & Gutter, you won’t.

Our in-house technicians are waiting on your call to come to your assistance. We offer 24-hour repair services seven days a week for Charlotte homeowners—without surge prices for after-business hours.

Of course, we are not just here for solving garage door problems. We are also the Charlotte leaders for garage door installation. Our design process can help you decide on the style, color, and features to give your home a new garage door that will add curb appeal, lower your energy bills, and be easy to use.

Does that sound too good to be true? We back up our claims with guarantees and superior-quality parts. What we offer sets us apart from other garage door contractors in Charlotte.

Garage Doors Charlotte NC

Repairing Garage Doors in Charlotte Is What We Do

How do you know you need to call us at Presto Garage & Gutter for garage door repairs?

Here is just a handful of reasons why you might give us a call:

  • Broken torsion spring
  • Doors off track
  • Damaged door panels
  • Doors that won’t close
  • Snapped cables
  • Openers not working
  • Weather stripping
  • Keyless entry issues

Unless you have experience with garage door repair, you should not attempt any major repairs yourself. These doors are heavier than they look, and if they should fall while you are fixing them, you may get seriously injured. Stay safe—and leave the repairs to us!

Garage Door Installation Charlotte NC

Why Premium Parts Make a Difference

When contractors install garage doors, they generally use standard products with standard parts. The goal is not to create a home that will stand the test of time but to get it finished on time.

That means you may not start off with the best quality in garage doors. With torsion springs that break after 10,000 cycles, about six to ten years, or non-ball-bearing rollers that wear out, you could be looking at garage door replacement before you should have to.

In contrast, when our team at Presto Garage & Gutter replaces your garage door, we use premium parts that will outlast most typical doors. Our springs have a lifespan of 50,000 cycles, so they will last five times as long as the standard-issue garage door springs.

We also use superior ball-bearing rollers for smooth, quiet operation. We deliver on our promises with garage doors that work, look beautiful, and are there for the long haul.

Garage Door Repair Charlotte NC

The Best of the Best With New Garage Doors

If your garage door has seen better days, it may be past the point of repair. Our Presto Garage & Gutter team can help you with garage door installation as well. Our high-end doors are attractive and feature the newest technology to keep them working for years to come. These benefits can make all the difference when you shop for new garage doors:

  • Energy-efficient thermal insulation
  • 90-130 mph wind rating
  • Wi-fi-enabled door operation
  • Quiet gliding system

Because our quality doors work so smoothly, they can also reduce noise when you open and close them. No more rattling, groaning, and squeaking!

Another significant benefit is our impressive selection of garage door styles. We have traditional and carriage house doors, but that is not all. We also offer modern, wood, and composite overlay models. And if you do not find what you are looking for, we can even help you with custom specialty doors for a one-of-a-kind look. You won’t get that kind of variety from any other garage door company.

Of course, you want to know how those doors are going to look on your home’s exterior. We sit down with you for our Presto Design Consultation™ to show you exactly how your home can look. We follow up with instant pricing, so you can compare styles and garage door prices to stay within your budget. With our 110% price-match guarantee, you know you are getting a great price without sacrificing quality.

Charlotte NC Garage Door Repair

Better Garage Door Installation Yields Better, Longer-Lasting Results

Some Charlotte homeowners hold off on replacing garage doors because they are not comfortable with just anyone showing up to do the work. That’s another thing that sets us apart: we have in-house technicians that handle every project.

With our own dedicated staff available around the clock, you know you will get the same level of expertise and respect in the middle of the night as you will during regular work hours. And we even have a four-hour guarantee in Charlotte, so you know when you call us, quality craftsmanship with a smile is on the way.

We do not hire people off the street or use subcontractors. Each candidate must pass a background check and drug testing to make it through our vetting process. Our technicians also need to have five years’ experience to join our garage door company.

You can breathe a sigh of relief when the Presto Garage & Gutter work truck shows up at your home. At that point, you’ll know you can trust our technicians to do the job right the first time and provide you with top-notch customer service.

Overhead Garage Door Charlotte NC

Fall in Love With the Way We Do Things

The last thing you want to deal with when you need an emergency garage door repair is the runaround from a company that does not honor its word. At Presto Garage & Gutter, we don’t make you jump through hoops to deal with us.

When you call us about your garage door problem, we are there within four hours, anywhere throughout the Charlotte area. Doesn’t it feel good to know that you do not have to waste a day waiting for someone to show up for scheduled or emergency repairs?

There is a good reason we have been serving Charlotte for over 20 years. We strive every day to protect the reputation we have built by doing quality work and treating each client with respect. We are not satisfied unless you are. We stand behind our work and our expert team to handle your garage door repairs and installation.

Contact us at Presto Garage & Gutter in Charlotte, NC, at 704-397-3002, or complete our online form to schedule your free consultation.

See what a difference a garage door company that you trust can make.           

Garage Doors FAQs

When your door has extensive damage or has a dated appearance, a complete replacement is often necessary. However, if your door only has one or two defective components or damage to one panel, a repair is generally sufficient to restore your door’s condition. We often recommend a repair if you have a broken spring or motor. 

The duration of a new garage door installation depends on various factors. Generally, a new installation takes longer if:


  • We install the garage door as part of a new build
  • The replacement door doesn’t have the exact dimensions as the previous door
  • The installation of additional garage door infrastructure is necessary

In most cases, we can install a new garage door within a day. However, because we aim to carry out the installation correctly the first time, an extensive door installation project may take longer. 

Extension springs carry tension, even if the garage door is closed. After loosening the safety cables, there is a risk that the door can fall, especially if the springs have cracks or weak spots due to corrosion. A falling garage door can cause severe, even fatal, injuries.

As garage door professionals, we recommend that customers don’t replace garage door springs themselves due to the high risk of injury or damage. Instead, contact us for a cost-effective and safe spring replacement and adjustment. 

The best garage door opener depends on your garage door’s size and type. At Presto Garage & Gutter, we supply and install high-end garage door openers from reputable manufacturers such as LiftMaster and Linear. Our suppliers offer a wide range of garage door opener models, and we will provide you with a unit that fits your door’s specifications and application.

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  • Hi, I'm Tisha Broome. I'm one of the owners here at Presto. I'm an expert in helping clients choose the right garage door, garage floor and gutter system. I can also help you with all of your repair and maintenance needs. You can text me with any questions. I typically respond in less then 15 minutes during normal business hours. I'm available to speak by phone, email or by video call if you'd like me to see the visual details of your project.

  • Terry Caldwell
  • Hi, I'm Terry Caldwell. I've been a member of the Presto Team since 2015. I've been working with clients to choose their perfect product solution since 2018. Before that, I was our lead garage door installer and then our lead repair technician. I can help you find solutions to even the most difficult problems. Feel free to text me your questions. I typically respond in less than 15 minutes during business hours. I'm available to speak by phone, email or by video call if you'd like me to see the visual details of your project.