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Expert Commercial Garage Door Solutions in Charlotte, NC

Turnkey Solutions. 24/7 Repair. Premium Products.

Presto is your trusted company for commercial doors and loading dock equipment. We’ve been serving the Charlotte Metro area since 2001, and we have more than 1,000 clients in the region. From mom-and-pop mechanic shops to Fortune 500 companies, we can handle any business’s garage door needs.

Our in-house commercial specialists take the time to understand your business operations in order to recommend optimal products for your needs and budget. We only deal in durable, high-end products and employ certified technicians with the skills to do the job right at minimal interruption to your business.

Why Choose Presto For Charlotte Commercial Garage Doors

  • Turnkey Solutions: When you choose us for garage doors, you need ONLY us. We’re your one-stop-shop and can deliver everything you require.
  • 24/7 Repair: Malfunctioning doors and loading docks can cost you BIG money. Our 24/7 repairs ensure you’re back up and running with bare-minimum disruption to your business (and cash flow!). All of our trucks are fully stocked with commercial door parts so our technicians can get you up and running again, day or night. We also stock parts for most brands of dock levelers.
  • In-House Installers: Our skilled technicians have received third-party certification for their technical skills, are E-verified, and have had criminal background checks. We use employees, rather than contractors, to ensure everyone in our team is committed to customer service.
  • Premium Products: We use the best of the best manufacturers that stand behind their products with the strongest warranties. In the unlikely event of a malfunction, we assist with warranty fulfillment and re-installation.
  • Safe & Insured: Our team is committed to safety—both yours and ours. Our skilled technicians adhere to the industry’s best safety practices, and they are 100% fully insured.

Commercial Garage Door Services & Products

  • Edge Of Docks
  • Mechanical Dock Levelers
  • Hydraulic Dock Levelers
  • Air Bag Dock Levelers
  • Fixed Header Dock Seal
  • Fixed Curtain Dock Seal
  • Rigid Truck Shelter
  • Commercial Steel Doors
  • Rolling Sheet Doors
  • Rolling Steel Doors
  • Rolling Fire Doors
  • Rolling Counter Shutters
  • Dock Boards
  • Dock Plates
  • Spring Loaded Dock Plate
  • Molded Dock Bumpers
  • Steel Faced Dock Bumpers
  • Laminated Dock Bumpers

Commercial Garage Door FAQs

The price of a new commercial door is going to vary based on several factors, including the size and style of the door, the layout of the opening, and other variables such as what kind of opener is required. The commercial garage door pros at Presto Garage & Gutter will thoroughly review all costs and available options with you during our 100% pressure-free garage door consultation. We’ll make sure that you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your commercial operation.

We know that in business, time is money, so we work as quickly as possible during commercial installs to minimize any downtime for your business. Commercial garage door installations are typically a little more involved than a residential project, but, our skilled team has performed hundreds of perfect installations over the years and can typically complete even complex commercial door installs in the span of a day.
The process for replacing a commercial roll up door varies based on the application and type of door being installed. Our team may find ourselves working on a warehouse garage door one day and an airplane hanger the next, which is where our diversity of experience is just one of the advantages we offer our clients. However, there are some commonalities with all installs including checking measurements, ensuring flush and plumb jambs, checking headroom, installing necessary brackets, attaching guides, installing tensioner assemblies, installing gears, and centering the curtain for a perfect fit.
It depends on the space inside and your unique needs. If your commercial garage door is securing an outside storage unit that doesn’t need to be climate controlled, R-value may not matter as much. R-value pertains to how much heat is transmitted through the opening. This can mean less cold air during our cold Carolina winters and less hot air during summertime. A higher R-value is going to help with the energy efficiency of the space so it’s an important consideration for any kind of climate controlled environment. We will review the performance of various R-values with you during our consultation.
Absolutely. Commercial roll up doors in North and South Carolina are going to take a beating from the elements, which is why paint is a great way to protect your new investment. A powder coat painting is a smart finishing method to help the door stand up to adverse conditions.
Headroom is how much space there is over the door height between the open door and the ceiling. There are some standard minimum headroom requirements depending on the commercial garage door chosen, but typically 12 inches is the absolute minimum. It’s important to note that minimum headroom has to be consistent for the entire area the door will occupy. So, if there’s ductwork or support structures, we’ll need to account for these during installation to achieve the proper minimum headroom allowance required for the project.
Commercial roll up doors are typically large and heavy with some intricate parts to keep them operating smoothly. Unless you have the tools, experience, and manpower to undertake a repair properly, it is generally not recommended to try to fix your commercial roll up door repair yourself. Instead, let our professionals help get your door back online quickly with repairs offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, weekends, and holidays. We know how critical it is to have your doors repaired safely and efficiently, so we strive to create minimum disruption to your operations.
Since your business relies on a safe and efficient operation, it is highly recommended to have any commercial doors on your premises inspected and serviced at least once a year. Between service visits, make sure to visually inspect your doors regularly and lubricate parts as necessary to prevent any minor issues from becoming bigger problems down the road.
Warehouses generally require an enhanced level of security to keep the premises secure from intrusion. When security is a factor for your business, Presto Garage & Gutter always recommends commercial steel doors for maximum protection. Steel doors also tend to last longer, which helps to maximize the value of the investment over a longer time span.
With a rolling door, the door curtain is going to slide between heavy-duty guides using guide wear plates. This allows the curtain to roll into a barrel above the door opening. Rolling doors are available in quite a large variety of different gauges of metals and different materials. They can also incorporate foamed insulation to achieve a higher R-value. Perforated slats in rolling doors allow for greater air flow and any windows are going to be riveted for security. The springs of a rolling door are enclosed in a barrel and hood, making them invisible. On the other hand, a sheet door is usually made of 26-gauge sheets and is available in many colors. Sheet doors can incorporate foil insulation to achieve a better R-value, but not quite as high as a rolling door with foam insulation. A sheet door uses roll-formed guides and an enclosed barrel. When a sheet breaks, you’ll typically need to replace the entire door sheet. From a cost basis, rolling doors are generally a little higher than sheet doors due to heavier-duty equipment.
A dock leveler is the bridge between a dock and a loading or unloading truck. This device helps to compensate for the motion associated with loading and unloading for a safe operation.
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