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Rapid-Response, Done-Right Garage Door Repair In Charlotte, NC

In-House Technicians. 24/7 Response. 4-Hour Guaranteed Arrival Within The Charlotte Area.

A broken garage door can be much more than an inconvenience. It can be an urgent security risk for you and your family.

At Presto, we provide 24-hour garage door repair for the problems that can’t wait.

Experienced In-House Technicians

Our trained, experienced repair technicians are on standby RIGHT NOW to fix your garage door. 

Every technician is an EMPLOYEE (not a subcontractor) and has a minimum of five years of experience. They can handle the most challenging repairs on any brand or model. No problem is too big. No problem is too complex.

24/7 Garage Door Repair Hotline
  • Guaranteed arrival within 4 hours of your call
  • In-house, trained, and background-checked technicians
  • No surge pricing-rates are the same after hours and on weekends
  • Broken Torsion Springs
  • Doors Off
  • Snapped Cables
  • Damaged Door Panels
  • Malfunctioning Openers
  • Doors That Won’t Close
  • Weather Stripping
  • Keyless Entry Issues

A Relaxed Garage Door Repair Experience

We understand you may feel uneasy about having a stranger show up to your home at 10 o’clock at night. 

Don’t worry. Our in-house technicians not only ensure higher-quality work, but also a comfortable and safe experience for YOU. 

Our technicians are vetted, background-checked, and drug-tested. And since they’ve all worked at our company for at least five years, we can 100% vouch for their upstanding integrity and character. After all, they wouldn’t be on the Presto team if we couldn’t!

To complete your peace of mind, your repair technician will show up in a branded truck with proper identification. Your tech will treat you with respect, courtesy, and cordiality the entire time. That’s a promise.

Flat Fees With No Surge Pricing

We believe peace of mind shouldn’t come at a high cost. Not only are our repairs quotes ultra-competitive, but they’re also consistent.

We charge a flat rate for our services… and that rate stays the same no matter the day or hour. It doesn’t matter whether you call at 3pm on Thursday or 2am on Sunday. 

Other garage door companies? They may offer 24/7 repair. But many of them skyrocket their prices during non-business hours. 

We don’t think that’s fair. Garage doors break down at unexpected—and usually inconvenient—times. You shouldn’t have to pay a “penalty premium” because a problem outside of your control happens after hours. And when you choose Presto, you won’t.

Unconditional, Written Price Guarantee

Call the average garage door company for repair, and you may as well hand them a blank check. Companies in this industry are notorious for performing work without getting a customer’s consent. So when the tech hands you the bill, prepare to be shocked at how deep you have to reach in your pockets to pay for the repair.

We don’t play those pricing games. 

The first thing your Presto technician will do is perform an in-depth inspection and diagnosis of your door system. Your technician will clearly explain the problem, the repair needed, and the cost BEFORE starting the work. We won’t begin the repair until we have your blessing to do so.

Frequently Asked Garage Door Repair Questions

Making the choice to replace or repair your garage door is fairly easy if your door has sustained extensive damage, but if only a small portion of the door is damaged or a garage door part is broken or malfunctioning, you may want to consider several factors before making a decision.

  • Springs: In most cases, a broken spring problem can be solved with a new spring and roller replacement package. We recommend having maintenance done on your garage door every six months, which can help ensure your springs are in good shape.
  • Door panels: One damaged panel may be able to be replaced as long as the manufacturer of your garage door hasn’t discontinued your particular model. If you have more than one panel that needs replacement, however, it’s usually best to replace the door. Unless you have a door from a high-end line, the price of multiple replacement panels isn’t significantly different from the price of a new door.
  • Motor: A well-maintained garage door opener can last for many years, but you may want to replace an old one to gain the benefits of the safety and keyless entry technologies that today’s doors have. If your motor simply isn’t working, we can repair or replace it to save you the cost of buying a new door.
It depends on what type of repair is needed and what level of DIY skills you have, but we rarely recommend tackling this job on your own for one important reason: your safety. Garage doors are large and heavy, and garage door springs are under high tension, so the potential for injuring yourself or others must be considered.

Beyond safety, other considerations include how easy it can be to damage parts of the system or the door itself without the right set of tools and experience, as well as the possibility that any damage you cause won’t be covered by your warranty. If your door won’t open all the way or at all, or if it lowers too fast, call us for a free inspection and estimate.
As with so many aspects of homeowners insurance coverage, it depends upon the type of damage your door sustained. You should check with your insurance carrier for details specific to your coverage and the door you have, but events such as damage from a break-in or from vehicles running into your door are likely to be covered. Normal wear and tear, however, probably isn’t part of your coverage, and wear is likely to be the reason your garage door is in need of repair in the first place.

If you are able to make an insurance claim for garage door repair, we will ensure that you have the accurate estimate or documentation you need from us regarding our work and pricing.
Buyers don’t often realize that a great deal of garage door warranties provide long-term coverage only for corrosion and the door’s paint finish, and one- or two-year coverage for parts such as panels, rollers, and hardware. Items that the garage door company considered normal wear and tear—such as flat spots on rollers, creases in door panels, or worn-out springs—won’t be covered, but they’re important to the performance and appearance of your door.

At Presto Garage & Gutter, our focus is on delivering the maximum value. We use only premium parts, from 50,000-cycle springs to high-quality nylon-encased ball bearing rollers, so the parts we install last decades longer and save you thousands of dollars over time. When you buy your new garage door from us, we stand behind our work and provide top-notch warranties on garage door parts and installation. And, if you need warranty service, our expert repair technician will arrive within 24 hours of your call.
We get plenty of calls for garage door spring repair from homeowners, especially those who have low-quality springs in their doors. As with any type of DIY garage door repair, safety comes first. We do not recommend taking on this task yourself, so proceed with extreme caution: Keep in mind the risks of having the door fall or an opener activated while you’re in the middle of replacing a broken garage door spring, or the more serious risk of a spring releasing the extreme tension it’s under.

If you’re unsure whether your garage door springs need to be replaced, signs that a spring may be about to fail include a slow-opening door, coils that are stretched in some spots and, of course, a garage door that doesn’t open all the way when you activate the opener. We will be glad to inspect your springs and provide a free, no-obligation quote for replacing them.

A few circumstances can cause garage door cables, which are connected to cable drums, to come off the drums. These are mostly due to slack being created in the cables, such as objects being higher or lower than the photo sensors or garage door springs that need adjustments due to lost tension.

Note that if you have a broken cable, you should stop using the door and give us a call at 704-397-3002 or contact us online. Make sure not to touch the cable or drums to avoid being cut by frays and stay away from the door since it may come out of the track. Stay safe and call our garage door cable repair experts!

3 Common Garage Door Problems

  1. Broken springs: The typical life of a torsion spring is 10,000 cycles, which means it will open and close the door 10,000 times before breaking down. These 10,000-cycle springs are “economy-grade” and about as low quality as you can get. It’s why they’re one of the most common reasons homeowners call us for help.
  2. Worn-out rollers: When your spring breaks, the rollers are usually worn out too. Worn-down rollers worsen the operation of the garage door and are at the root of many door repairs.
  3. Broken or bent hinges: Hinges hold your panels inside the door tracks and can break or bend over time. Sometimes, compromised hinges can be a sign that the entire door mechanism needs adjustment.

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