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Are you in need of garage doors, but you don’t want boring, plain metal? Maybe you want to upgrade your existing doors with a newer, more durable replacement that also makes a design statement. No matter what your garage door needs are, we can take care of them for you!

Here at Presto Garage and Gutter, we provide residential and commercial garage doors for our customers in the Waxhaw, NC, community.

We’re a full-service company, so we have the skills to handle all of your garage door installation, repair, and replacement needs.

We’re proud to say that we’ve built our company on the foundation of putting our customers first. In fact, that’s part of the reason why we’re the #1 choice for garage doors in Waxhaw and the surrounding areas.

Since our beginning in 2001, we’ve installed more than 50,000 garage doors for our customers in the Carolinas. Those 20 years of experience combined with our superior skills and top-notch products have set us head and shoulders above the rest.

For garage door sales, installation, or service in Waxhaw, call our Presto Garage and Gutter professionals today at (704) 397-3002.

What Sets Us Apart?

Garage Door Installation Waxhaw, NC

When you choose Presto Garage and Gutter, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best of the best. Our premium-grade parts and doors, comprehensive lifetime warranty, and easy financing options are what sets us apart from the competition.

Our Premium-Grade Parts and Doors

Did you know that a standard garage door spring only lasts 10,000 cycles, which equals around 7 to 10 years? In the grand scheme of things, ten years is not that long.

On the other hand, our garage doors from Presto Garage and Gutters are a much better investment, and we guarantee that they will last much longer than ten years. One of the reasons our doors last longer is because the springs we use are heavy-duty with a 50,000 cycle rating—that’s a 500% increase in lifespan compared to a light-duty 10,000-cycle spring that’s standard in most garage doors.

Other companies skimp on quality so they can save money. We only use the best materials and manufacturers to provide you with durable, premium-grade parts and doors.

Comprehensive Lifetime Warranty

Our lifetime warranty is another reason why our customers trust us so much. Other companies offer “lifetime warranties,” but there’s always a catch. The “lifetime” part usually only covers corrosion damage, while the other door parts and components will only have coverage for the first year.

Once that year is up, you get stuck with the entire repair bill if something goes wrong, which can be very expensive.

When you choose Presto Garage and Gutter, our lifetime warranty covers everything: door damage, faulty openers, broken garage door springs, or any other repair you need. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us, and we’ll be there within 24 hours to fix it—guaranteed.

Easy and Affordable Financing Options

Our garage door prices are competitive, but we offer easy financing options for our customers who need a little help with their budget. If your price estimate is over $1000, we encourage you to apply.

After you apply, you could be pre-approved in as few as sixty seconds. Once you take care of all the paperwork and are officially approved, you’ll typically get funds within one business day. Then, we can start installing your new garage doors right away.

Garage Door Repair Waxhaw, NC

We Provide Garage Door Sales and Installation Services

Starting with our Presto Design Consultation™, we walk you through every step of the design process. We may call our doors “traditional,” but they’re nothing like the functional, bare metal garage doors you typically see.

Every door we offer is premium-grade and comes in a wide range of finishes, trim, and window styles that will complement your home beautifully. Some of the garage door styles that we offer include:

Our doors don’t just look amazing; they also provide superior performance. Every door has a wind-rating certification of 90 to 130 mph, which means they’ll still be standing even in a Category-3-rated hurricane.

Every door we sell also has high-efficiency insulation. Those thermal properties can help you save money on utility bills by keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Call Us for Garage Door Repair and Replacement Services in Waxhaw

Garage Door Replacement Waxhaw, NCSince we’re a full-service garage door company, we offer repair and replacement services to our customers. We know just how important it is to get your garage door fixed as quickly as possible. A broken door isn’t just inconvenient; it leaves your home and family at risk.

That’s why we stand by our 24-hour guarantee—if you need repair services, we’ll be there within 24 hours to fix your garage doors and make your home safe again. We also charge the same flat fee for our services, no matter what time of day you call us for help. So just pick up the phone, give us a call, and we’ll be there as soon as we possibly can.

When you choose Presto Garage and Gutter, you never have to worry that we’ll subcontract your repair to a different company. We only use our own in-house technicians to complete every job we accept, with no exceptions.

Garage Door Openers

Are you tired of hearing that obnoxious shake, rattle, and roll every time you open your garage door? Not only is it really annoying, but it’s also embarrassing if you live in a close neighborhood. Our garage door openers don’t have that problem: they’re powerful, but they have a near-silent operation.

If you want even more technology and convenience, we also have “smart openers.” They’re available in a selection of different shapes and styles, so you can find the perfect one to fit your brand-new doors.

Garage Doors Waxhaw, NC

Contact the Professionals at Presto Garage and Gutter

When you need a reliable and trustworthy garage door company in Waxhaw, look no further than us here at Presto Garage and Gutter. We offer a full range of garage door services, including sales, installation, repair, and replacement.

Here at Presto Garage and Gutter, we stand by our commitment to quality, which is why we’ve been in business for over 20 years. Call us today at (704) 397-3002 to book your initial consultation in Waxhaw, NC, and learn more about why we’re the leading choice for garage doors in North and South Carolina.

Garage Doors FAQs

When your door has extensive damage or has a dated appearance, a complete replacement is often necessary. However, if your door only has one or two defective components or damage to one panel, a repair is generally sufficient to restore your door’s condition. We often recommend a repair if you have a broken spring or motor. 

The duration of a new garage door installation depends on various factors. Generally, a new installation takes longer if:


  • We install the garage door as part of a new build
  • The replacement door doesn’t have the exact dimensions as the previous door
  • The installation of additional garage door infrastructure is necessary

In most cases, we can install a new garage door within a day. However, because we aim to carry out the installation correctly the first time, an extensive door installation project may take longer. 

Extension springs carry tension, even if the garage door is closed. After loosening the safety cables, there is a risk that the door can fall, especially if the springs have cracks or weak spots due to corrosion. A falling garage door can cause severe, even fatal, injuries.

As garage door professionals, we recommend that customers don’t replace garage door springs themselves due to the high risk of injury or damage. Instead, contact us for a cost-effective and safe spring replacement and adjustment. 

The best garage door opener depends on your garage door’s size and type. At Presto Garage & Gutter, we supply and install high-end garage door openers from reputable manufacturers such as LiftMaster and Linear. Our suppliers offer a wide range of garage door opener models, and we will provide you with a unit that fits your door’s specifications and application.

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