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Protecting Your Property From Rainwater Damage Made Easy

Every homeowner knows that keeping gutters clean from debris can be a stressful and time-consuming experience. If you’re sick and tired of picking out leaves by hand, our Valor Leaf Guard gutter covers are the ideal solution. They’re practical, cost-effective, and can be utilized in conjunction with any gutter on the market.

Whether replacing the guttering network on your commercial building or looking for a simple home upgrade to support the existing infrastructure, Garage Doors & More make the process even simpler than you ever thought possible. If you want to finally take control of your gutters in South Carolina or North Carolina, get in touch today!

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What Do Valor Gutter Covers Actually Do?

As the name suggests, gutter covers are devices used to protect your gutters. They do this by preventing blockages caused by leaves, debris, and other foreign materials. Subsequently, then, gutter covers aren’t only crucial for protecting your gutters; they form a key feature in protecting the property foundation, brickwork, and garden land too.

Gutter cover installations offer many benefits to your life, including but not limited to;

Time savings as you’ll no longer need to pick out leaves or spend hours unclogging blocked drain pipes,
Prevent the significant consequences that occur as a result of overflowing gutters and puddling water at ground level,
Financial savings by removing the need for drainpipe repairs and maintenance to other parts of the building,
Maintained esthetic beauty for the home’s exterior, covering the frontal curb appeal and the atmosphere created in your yard,
Added peace of mind gained from knowing that your guttering situation is under control for years to come.

At a glance, the concept of adding gutter covers may sound like a minor home upgrade. In reality, though, the impact it can bring is enormous, particularly during the rainy season.


Why Choose Valor?

After looking at the benefits gained from adding gutter covers to your property, you’ll probably determine that this is a worthwhile investment for the sake of the building as well as your sanity. While there are many options on the market, you need the best solution. You need a product that will produce guaranteed performances even under the harshest conditions. You need a product that poses no risk to your property and can be installed at a competitive price. You need a Valor leaf guard!

The Valor gutter covers are widely accepted as the no.1 solution on the market thanks to the ‘S Curve’ patented design that allows for maximum water flow while simultaneously filtering even the smallest debris. For you, the homeowner, this means;

Your gutters will perform at 100% on a 24/7 basis, handling up to 20 inches of rainfall per hour,
Your property will only need a single installation to last a lifetime, with no need for product replacements,
Your gutters will remain unblocked for the long-haul due to a combination of efficient filtering and self-cleaning properties,
Your entire property, including the items that are indirectly affected by gutter performances, will remain protected,
Your property’s roof warranty will remain untouched thanks to the single-piece cover installations that fit over existing gutters.

Valor is a U.S. based company that has manufactured thousands of gutter covers as a result of intense research into the advanced technologies used to create a simple solution to guttering requirements. When it comes to gutter covers, Valor is the brand you’ll adore.


Gutter Cover Installations From Garage Doors & More

Valor gutter covers are a fantastic investment that can bring a wide range of benefits to your home. However, you’ll only achieve those rewards when the product is installed in the correct fashion. Here at Garage Doors & More, our team of technicians have successfully completed hundreds of installations. Whether adding a gutter cover to existing gutters or incorporating it within a new project, we’re here to help.

As a fully insured team of experts that complete all works without contractors, you are guaranteed an installation that meets the professional standards you deserve. With 32 colors to choose from, as well as fast deliveries and installations, ours is the only service that any homeowner in North Carolina or South Carolina needs.

When placing an order, our experts will talk you through every step of the process to ensure that the right choice is made. We can also send a technician round to measure your gutter before supplying and fitting the Valor gutter cover to your property. The best results for your home are guaranteed.

So, if you want to finally regain control of the looks and function of your gutters for life, give our friendly experts a call today!

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