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Seamless Gutter Installation and Gutter Guards in Indian Land

Quality seamless gutters and gutter guards provide your home with the greatest protection from heavy rainfall.

Broken, missing, or poor quality gutters can lead to big problems. These include costly water damage and flooding, erosion of the soil, and even possible structural damage to your home. Presto Garage and Gutter in Indian Land has provided homeowners with superior seamless gutters and guards since 2001. Experienced, trustworthy professionals install them to provide you with the highest levels of quality. Request a free, no-obligation quote today.

Seamless Gutters: How They Help and Protect

seamless gutters

First, let’s take a look at gutters and downspouts, in general. When properly installed and in good condition, they can direct water away from your home, protecting the structure against dangerous mold growth, fascia board rot, and foundation wall damage. They also protect your crawlspace and basement and help to preserve your landscaping.

Traditional gutters come in pre-cut sections. During the installation process, they’re sealed at the joints. Here’s the problem, though. Each spot where they’re joined together is a potential place for a leak to eventually develop, an issue that becomes increasingly more likely as the sealant wears down because of time and weather. In contrast, seamless gutters are custom made with specialized machinery so they’re one piece. No seams? No spots where the sealant can wear down and allow leakage.

All of our gutters are seamless to provide the maximum anti-leak protection that you want and deserve. Because debris can’t easily get caught into the joints, wear and tear is lessened, which means that seamless gutters can literally last for decades. Here’s the bottom line. The seamless construction translates into long-lasting durability and protection for your Indian Land home.

Presto offers premier products that add a luxurious look to your home — available in dozens of colors and eye-catching accessories.

Our warranties? The strongest in the industry!

Gutter Guards: Ultimate in Protection

Just as substandard gutters can cause plenty of problems for homeowners, so can ineffective guards. When gutters are open—or have ineffective guards covering them—leaves, twigs, and other debris can clog them up, which can interfere with water flow after rain. This, in turn, can lead to expensive problems, including but not limited to rotting wood and foundation deterioration.

Plus, when you manually clean out clogged gutters, there are risks involved, including the need to climb up and down ladders. Walls and your roof can get damaged, as well. Properly installed gutters and the right kind of guards, though, will keep water flowing away from your home for optimal protection.

So, what is the “right” type of guard? Here are problems with the most common ones on the market:

  • Perforated metal guards have large holes that allow in too much small debris.
  • Hooded/“nose-over” ones fail in heavy rainfall with water spilling all over.
  • Brush guards get debris caught in the bristles.
  • Micro-mesh guards come with plenty of advantages but their flat structure allows any debris that gets in to accumulate.
presto gutter guard pitch slope

The solution is a self-cleaning micro-mesh system that can handle the heaviest rainfall and prevent debris from getting into your gutters: Presto Guard and its unique, proprietary sloped design, our patented, embossed S-Curve technology with its elevated curve. This advancement creates the ideal water management system that can handle 20 inches of rain daily. They’ll precisely fit over your current gutters, installed in a way that 100% maintains roof warranties.

Our 28-gauge stainless steel frame doesn’t rust, corrode, or warp. Ever. We’re so confident about the reliability and long-term performance of our guards that we provide a transferable lifetime warranty that covers product performance, blister, and chipping.

Seamless Gutter & Gutter Guard Installation

For the ultimate in protection, there are really only two key steps:
  • Choose the right products, ones crafted from superior materials.
  • Have them professionally installed.

Presto maintains close relationships with the most talented gutter installers in the region, top professionals who obsess about the perfect installation. We only use the cream of the crop, experts whom we wholeheartedly trust.

Gutter guard installations are handled by experienced, trained, vetted craftspeople. Presto only hires the top one percent of applicants, and then an experienced installer trains them during an apprenticeship that can last up to six months. Non-negotiable requirements for an applicant: they must be trustworthy, courteous, and friendly.

Once an employee’s Presto Guard installation training is completed, that’s the only job they’ll do. Sure, we could have them install garage doors or floors, but we don’t. Their job: to be the best possible gutter guard installer.

Financing Available

Presto’s gutters and guards are a true investment into your Indian Land home, adding functional and aesthetic value. They aren’t, however, inexpensive. To provide our customers with fast approvals and excellent loan terms, we offer easy financing through Enhancify.

Choosing Presto Garage and Gutter

We offer the following:

  • premium products
  • quality materials
  • innovative designs
  • experienced installers
  • expertly planned processes

We’re a locally owned and operated company with an outstanding reputation. Whenever you need us, we’re here for you with no headaches or hassles.

There are more reasons to say “yes” to Presto, including our:

  • Adherence to a strict code of ethics
  • National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) certification
  • Full insurance
  • Full licensing
  • Transferable, no-nonsense lifetime warranties
  • Eight-year (consecutive) Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner

Seamless Gutter & Gutter Guard FAQs

We precision cut our American made, aluminum gutters on site to ensure a perfect fit. The sizes and styles we offer include:

  • 5” K-style
  • 6” K-style
  • 6” half-round style

Each option has its own advantage. Not sure which to choose? Not to worry, one of our gutter professionals will look at your roof’s pitch steepness and material before recommending which would be the best one for your home.

The price of seamless gutters and/or guards depends on a few factors, such as the size of your home and the number of downspouts required. When you schedule a consultation with one of our gutter pros, we’ll take the time to go over the particulars of your project and give you a no-nonsense, accurate quote down to the penny.

You certainly can! However, installing seamless gutters requires specialized tools and equipment, not to mention, it is a significant undertaking no matter who does the work. This type of project requires skill to do the job correctly without damaging your house or new gutters. Precise measurements will need to be taken to cut the gutters on-site. You’ll need to have an understanding of how water flows down the slope of your roof and have a plan to divert that water away from the foundation.

Although doing the project yourself could save money, it probably isn’t worth the risk in the long run.

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