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Our best in class gutter guards cost up to 30% off other national brands. Choose us for our reputation, product quality and relentless reliability. 


Lifetime Warranty

Presto Guard offers year round protection against clogged gutters and water damage to your home due to a poorly functioning gutters. 

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Protect Your Home

Presto Guard not only protects your home, but also your health. Gutter cleaning is a dangerous task that’s responsible for thousands of injuries each year. 

110% Price Match Guarantee

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Premium Gutter Protection That Blocks The Smallest Debris, Handles The Heaviest Rainfall... And Cleans Itself! It also Cost Up To 40% Less Than National Competitors.

Some gutter protection requires you to replace your current gutter system. And many systems that install over existing gutters can actually void your roof’s warranty.

The Presto Guard eliminates both of these issues. It fits perfectly over your existing gutters, and our in-house installers adhere to precision installation methods that keep your roof warranty 100% intact.

Let’s face it—cleaning your gutters is a dirty and dangerous chore. To make matters worse, you have to do it regularly. Otherwise, your gutters can clog and cause rotting wood, foundation deterioration, and other expensive water-related issues.

Gutter protection is a popular solution to this problem. There are all kinds of styles and brands in the Charlotte Metro market. But the hard part is finding a gutter cover that actually WORKS.

Every type of gutter protection has its “Achilles’ Heel”:

  • Perforated metal gutter guards have large holes that allow in small debris like pine needles and seeds.
  • Hooded and “nose-over” gutter guards don’t handle heavy rainfall well. The water dumps right over the edge.
  • Brush gutter guards have a problem with debris getting caught in the bristles.
  • Micro-mesh gutter guards do work. But since they lay flat, debris can accumulate on them over time.

So, is there a gutter guard that’s guaranteed to keep your gutters free-flowing FOR GOOD?


Introducing The Presto Guard

The Presto Guard is a micro-mesh system designed with cutting-edge enhancements that eliminate EVERY issue with typical gutter protection.

Blocks pine needs, seeds, and even shingle grit? Check.

Won’t allow water runoff? Check.

Doesn’t accumulate debris? Check.

Here’s a look at how the Presto Guard provides PREMIUM gutter protection for your home…

Self-Cleaning Slope Design

Since many gutter guards lay flat, they build up debris over time. That means you’ll still have to climb a rickety ladder and clean off the debris to keep your gutter free-flowing.

The Presto Guard eliminates this issue with a special sloped design. It’s installed on a pitch, which allows leaves, pine needles, and debris to fall right off. That means no pile-up, no clogs, and no climbing ladders.

A Gutter Guard With Curves

Most gutter protection (especially hooded, “nose-over” systems) can’t keep up during heavy rainfall. The water comes too fast and furious for the gutter guard to catch it all. 

Presto Guard’s patented embossed S-Curve technology eliminates this. The elevated curve in the screen slows down water, allowing sufficient time for the water to enter your gutters. 

As a result, our gutter guard can handle up to 20 inches of rainfall per hour. To put that in perspective, the most rainfall recorded in a 24-hour period in North Carolina is 35 inches!

Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee

The Presto Guard has never allowed a gutter to clog. It’s so effective that consumer advocacy group NCR awarded it the top-performing gutter cover.

The “secret sauce” to the Presto Guard’s extraordinary protection? A heavy-duty, medical-grade stainless-steel micromesh screen blocks even the smallest debris. Leaves, pine needles, and even granules of shingle sand can’t penetrate it. It’s so effective at keeping your gutters clean that it comes with a Transferable No-Clog Lifetime Warranty.

The 28-gauge stainless-steel frame also means your Presto Guard will NEVER rust, NEVER corrode, and NEVER warp. The Presto Guard is so reliable that we back it up with a Lifetime Warranty on product performance, blistering, and chipping.

Installs Over Existing Gutters

Some gutter protection requires you to replace your current gutter system. And many systems that install over existing gutters can actually void your roof’s warranty.

The Presto Guard eliminates both of these issues. It fits perfectly over your existing gutters, and our in-house installers adhere to precision installation methods that keep your roof warranty 100% intact.

Beautiful Design & Colors

The Presto Guard looks just as great as it performs.

  • A low-profile design makes it virtually invisible from the ground. 
  • It comes in four attractive colors—white, charcoal, brown, and mill-finish aluminum. 
  • Matching miters and endcaps create the perfect final aesthetic touch.

Bottom line: You won’t find a gutter guard on the market with more curb appeal.

presto gutter guard

Frequently Asked Gutter Guard Questions

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of gutter guards, you’re likely to find more pros than cons. These are just some of the reasons leaf guards have become so popular with homeowners and business owners:

  • Protection from water damage: Moisture and flowing water are two of a structure’s worst enemies. They can damage several parts of a structure, including the foundation, walls and roof, and damage landscaping. They can also cause mold growth in attics and crawl spaces. Properly installed downspouts and gutters with high-performing guards that keep water flowing freely away from the structure offer excellent protection from water damage.
  • Safety: Unclogging a gutter system with no gutter covers or gutter screens can become a regular task. It’s a hassle, but the risks are a larger concern. You’ll be spending a lot of time climbing up and down a ladder, which is inherently dangerous (especially if you have gutters two stories above the ground), and you may even cause damage to your roof or walls in the process. The best gutter guards don’t just reduce cleaning frequency; they eliminate it.
  • Protection from pests: Water will be left standing in clogged gutters after a heavy rain. This standing water will attract all types of pests, including rodents, spiders, and mosquitoes. Clear gutters will empty quickly, leaving only a small amount of water that can easily evaporate. In addition, clogged gutters with no guards may invite birds to nest in your gutters.
    Protection for your gutters: If your gutters are made from a material that’s susceptible to rusting or rot, guards can help your gutters last much longer. And, since the best gutter guards prevent even small debris from accumulating, your gutters won’t sag or be damaged by heavy clogs.
  • Appeal to potential home buyers: Gutters with guards means less work for homeowners and no unattractive piles of debris stacked up in the gutters when you’re showing your home.
Gutter leaf guards from some companies may void your warranty when the guards are installed over your existing gutters. When you have the Presto Guard installed, however, your roof warranty won’t be affected because our expert in-house installers use precise methods to install our guards, which fit perfectly over your gutters.
Not with Presto Guard! Unlike other types of guards that can’t manage heavy rainfall or get easily clogged with small debris, our leaf guards keep water flowing freely without letting debris accumulate in your gutters, and have a micro-mesh system that blocks debris as small as seeds and grit from roof shingles. Debris won’t pile up on top of our leaf guard because the Presto Guard’s sloped design allows pine needles, leaves, sticks and other debris to fall off.
Ours do! The Presto Guard was developed with a unique elevated screen curve that slows water flow into your gutters and has the ability to handle as much as 20 inches of rainfall per hour. Our leaf guard eliminates the most common causes of overflow: debris that clogs the gutter and improper installation or misaligned placement of the guard. Our gutter screens are precisely installed by trained, experienced Presto Garage & Gutter employees who pay attention to every detail of your gutter installation, and our gutter guard comes with a transferable No-Clog Lifetime Warranty.
Our gutter leaf guards are designed to perfectly fit the gutters you have now, so you don’t need to buy new gutters to use the Presto Guard. If you are interested in new gutters, however, we will be happy to set an appointment to discuss your needs and provide a free estimate for our premium seamless gutters. We even offer fast online application for financing by Enhancify on our website to help with your home improvement costs.
Anytime you call on Presto Garage & Gutters for gutter protection, garage flooring, or a new garage door, we will never send subcontractors to your home or business. Instead, your job will be managed by experienced, trained, and vetted in-house craftsmen who are employees of our company. We hire only the top one percent of all job applicants to ensure that our customers will be served by trustworthy, friendly, and courteous professionals. Each of our installers begin as an apprentice under an experienced installer, and our training process takes up to six months. We also have dedicated, specialized crews for each of our services—the Presto Guard installers who come to your door do only gutter guard installations.
Yes, and it’s one of the best in the business. Our Presto Guard is backed by a transferable, lifetime warranty. Here’s the protection it offers:

  • You have a lifetime warranty against blistering and chipping from ordinary wear
  • You have a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship
  • You have a no-clog guarantee: Our Presto Guard will never let your gutters overflow or clog due to the accumulation of debris.
In addition to this comprehensive warranty, your Presto Guard will never corrode, warp or rust, thanks to its stainless steel frame. We use only premium parts for long-term performance and durability.

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