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If you’re looking for the local garage and company you can trust in the Denver NC area, you’ve come to the right place. At Presto, we’ve been serving the area since 2001.

On this page, you can get to know our company better and see what we have to offer. Afterward, we hope you’ll feel comfortable enough to reach out to us.

Why Choose Presto Garage & Gutter

Presto Garage & Gutter Services For Denver NC

New Garage Door Installation

We install garage doors in several lines: traditional, carriage house, composite overlay, and specialty doors.

Whichever you need, our doors perform and look amazing.

  • Versatile Style: We install stunning, head-turning garage doors. Under the surface, they’re worth every penny as well. 
  • Storm-Worthy Strength: Our doors are built with wind-load systems that can stand tall against winds from 90-130mph. 
  • Energy Efficiency: We install thermal insulation in your garage door to cut down on your energy usage.  
  • High-Caliber Experience: Our consultant and professional installers make it a rewarding, respectful, and informative experience. 

Browse our Garage Door Gallery for inspiration for YOUR project.

Garage Door Repair Services

Day or night, rain, sleet, or early morning sunshine…24/7, around the clock you can call on Presto for garage door repair. We’ll have a crew out there to your Denver, NC home within 4 hours. 

Call now: 704-397-3002.

Presto NextGen® 4-Hour Garage Floor Coating

Interested in transforming your garage floor from blah to ‘ta-da!’? Presto brings the magic with our Nextgen 4-hour garage floor coatings

These are polyaspartic coatings, so they outperform conventional epoxies and provide a variety of commercial-grade features for residential garages. After quick SAME DAY installation and curing, your garage floor will become virtually impervious to chemicals like oil, gas, and solvents. You’ll also find that it’s incredibly resistant to chips and abrasions. 

Browse our Garage Floor Gallery to explore some design possibilities.

Presto Guard™ Gutter Protection & Seamless Gutters

Ready to invest in a cutting-edge seamless gutter and gutter guard system for your home so you can live the clog-free life? We completely understand. Constantly having to clean gutters is a gigantic hassle that just won’t quit. 

Presto Guards deliver the #1 rated lifted-micro-mesh cover design that makes it possible. This is definitely one of the ‘no regret’ home improvement investments out there today, especially when we’re talking about North Carolina fall and winter seasons. 

Presto Guard features:

  • Fabricated with medical-grade, galvanized, and painted steel. 
  • Their special woven S-curve micro-mesh design ensures no clogs and no critters. 
  • Highly-effective, good-looking, and installs over your existing gutter system.
  • Installed on a pitch to prevent debris buildup.

Explore our Gutter & Gutter Guard Gallery to see our work.

Get In Touch Today

Contact us to schedule your free Design Consultation. If you’d prefer, we can even do a virtual consultation. We would love to hear from you!

  • Hi, I'm Tisha Broome. I'm one of the owners here at Presto. I'm an expert in helping clients choose the right garage door, garage floor and gutter system. I can also help you with all of your repair and maintenance needs. You can text me with any questions. I typically respond in less then 15 minutes during normal business hours. I'm available to speak by phone, email or by video call if you'd like me to see the visual details of your project.

  • Terry Caldwell
  • Hi, I'm Terry Caldwell. I've been a member of the Presto Team since 2015. I've been working with clients to choose their perfect product solution since 2018. Before that, I was our lead garage door installer and then our lead repair technician. I can help you find solutions to even the most difficult problems. Feel free to text me your questions. I typically respond in less than 15 minutes during business hours. I'm available to speak by phone, email or by video call if you'd like me to see the visual details of your project.