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If you’re a homeowner in the Stanley, NC area of greater Charlotte Metro and need help with your Garage & Gutters, call Presto! We’ve been lucky enough to serve folks here for over two decades, and we can surely help. 

Stanley’s one of the most tight-knit towns in America, a quiet place with outstanding food and a strong sense of family. It’s always a pleasure to work on homes in Stanley. Because some of our team members are history buffs, we’re aware of the neat story behind The Standley’s Creek Community and what life was like back when the rugged atmosphere was ripe for gold prospectors and pioneers. 

If we can visit one of Gaston County’s oldest settlements to help you, that would be a real treat. Let’s look at six signature features of working with us so you know what to expect once you give us a call.

Why Choose Presto Garage & Gutter

Presto Garage & Gutter Services For Stanley, NC

New Garage Door Installation

Presto stands ready to help you choose the picture-perfect garage door and underlying systems to suit your home’s needs while boosting its value. 

  • Versatile residential garage door lines with a huge array of options, accessories, etc. 
  • We’ll ensure the final design works well with your home–functionally and aesthetically. 
  • Presto installs modern CFC-free energy efficient garage doors fabricated for this area.
  • Our doors come with wind-load ratings of 90-130mph for pure protection.

You risk nothing by sitting down or having a phone call with one of our consultants who can walk you through the possibilities for free. The process is especially useful for folks who aren’t familiar with all the many details and variables involved in residential garages. 

Explore the following links for more info: 

Presto NextGen® 4-Hour Garage Floor Coating

Presto offers NextGen 4-Hour Garage Floor Coatings—a complete polyaspartic solution that makes your garage floor both beautiful and extremely durable. Fast installation, LONG-lasting, and commercial-grade at residential prices.

  • These particular concrete coating and sealer systems have been installed in residential garages successfully and with outstanding reviews since 2006.
  • No hidden fees or pricing nonsense. No recoat or resealing fees.
  • And no need to have your ‘garage stuff’ stored for days on end. Our installers will be done and you’ll be able to walk on your new floor in about six hours.

Browse our Garage Floor Gallery to explore a few of the different design possibilities.

We offer seamless gutters and special gutter protection called Presto Guard.

Presto Guard outperforms all other leading models on the market:

  • The gutter guard system fits over your gutter system, completely protecting it with no gaps, holes, or openings. 
  • This means your gutter maintenance goes to near zero as you’re no longer dealing with any clogs from critters or plant material. 
  • We’re talking medical-grade, 28-gauge steel fabrication revolving around a patented micro-mesh design—preventing water damage as well.
  • An S-curve in the screen slows down and diverts water into your gutters with maximum efficiency.
  • The sloped installation allows debris to roll right off of it.

Explore our Gutter & Gutter Guard Gallery  to see our work.

Garage Door Repair Services

Has it become hard (or impossible) to open and close? Are response times to the garage door opener slowing down? Has the hardware been damaged or become worn? Wait, are the neighbors wincing and covering their ears every time you come or go?

Consider Presto your reliable friend for local garage door repairs. A Presto truck will show up within four hours of your call. Afterward, not only will the issue be addressed, but you’ll be fully informed on what the situation is and what your options are. 

If you need garage door repair, call now: 704-397-3002.

Get In Touch Today

Contact us today for your free Design Consultation in Stanley, NC. You can select from an in-person meeting or a virtual consultation. No matter which you choose, we would be honored to hear from you.

  • Hi, I'm Tisha Broome. I'm one of the owners here at Presto. I'm an expert in helping clients choose the right garage door, garage floor and gutter system. I can also help you with all of your repair and maintenance needs. You can text me with any questions. I typically respond in less then 15 minutes during normal business hours. I'm available to speak by phone, email or by video call if you'd like me to see the visual details of your project.

  • Terry Caldwell
  • Hi, I'm Terry Caldwell. I've been a member of the Presto Team since 2015. I've been working with clients to choose their perfect product solution since 2018. Before that, I was our lead garage door installer and then our lead repair technician. I can help you find solutions to even the most difficult problems. Feel free to text me your questions. I typically respond in less than 15 minutes during business hours. I'm available to speak by phone, email or by video call if you'd like me to see the visual details of your project.