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Why Choose Presto Garage & Gutter

Presto Garage & Gutter Services For Weddington, NC

New Garage Door Installation

We install the types of garage doors that are sure to get the neighbors talking (in a good way). From wood construction to recycled high-grade steel, these garage doors are designed by skilled craftsmen for high performance and long-lasting beauty. Our doors even come with wind-load ratings that can handle 90-130mph winds!

We can work with you on building around your own design, or, you can choose from an extensive array of residential product lines with a full range of accessories and options. Our consultants are invaluable in helping you wade through the many considerations and details to get the picture-perfect garage door for your lifestyle. Call today and we’ll be happy to get your project underway.

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Presto NextGen® 4-Hour Garage Floor Coating

Do you know how the pros define and measure the value of a garage floor? It’s what’s left on the floor once the newly-installed resinous coating system has been installed, cured, and then returned to normal servicing.

Presto Nextgen 4-Hour garage floor installations leave you with commercial-grade results to last a good long while at an affordable price.

  • The bond power of your new Presto Nextgen 4-hour coating will be greater than the cohesive strength of the concrete underneath. Adhesion strength >500 psi ASTM-d-4514.
  • Polyaspartics offer 7–12 mils of thickness for extra strength, while the clear coat gives a wear layer with four times the wear and direct impact resistance of epoxies.
  • Essentially odorless with no yellowing or discoloration from UV light. 

Get the details on our Presto NextGen® 4-Hour Garage Flooring page. Then browse our Garage Floor Gallery to explore a few of the different possibilities.

Presto Guard™ Gutter Protection & Seamless Gutters

We offer high quality seamless gutters and special gutter guards called Presto Guard.

For Weddington homeowners who want to take the extra step of investing in gutter guards, the challenge is finding the right system at the right price point. Presto Gutter Guards are cutting-edge, blow the competition out of the water on multiple fronts, and ensure a 100% clog-free lifestyle or your money back. 

Your consultant can walk you through each specific detail, but the basics revolve around the product line’s S-curve, medical-grade steel micro-mesh design. 

They look great. They perform over the long haul. And with a sloped design, they clean themselves! 

Explore our Gutter & Gutter Guard Gallery to see our work.

Garage Door Repair Services

For garage door repairs, we’re there for you. As some of the most experienced garage door specialists in the area, you can call Presto and see our trucks pull up outside your home within four hours. Our garage door repair crews know just about everything there is to know about garage door systems, and we’ll have your issues addressed quickly and professionally. 

If you need garage door repair, call now: 704-397-3002.

Get In Touch Today

Get in touch today to schedule a free Design Consultation. You can schedule by phone or directly online. We also do virtual consultations if you would rather have an online meeting. We would be honored to hear from you!

  • Hi, I'm Tisha Broome. I'm one of the owners here at Presto. I'm an expert in helping clients choose the right garage door, garage floor and gutter system. I can also help you with all of your repair and maintenance needs. You can text me with any questions. I typically respond in less then 15 minutes during normal business hours. I'm available to speak by phone, email or by video call if you'd like me to see the visual details of your project.

  • Terry Caldwell
  • Hi, I'm Terry Caldwell. I've been a member of the Presto Team since 2015. I've been working with clients to choose their perfect product solution since 2018. Before that, I was our lead garage door installer and then our lead repair technician. I can help you find solutions to even the most difficult problems. Feel free to text me your questions. I typically respond in less than 15 minutes during business hours. I'm available to speak by phone, email or by video call if you'd like me to see the visual details of your project.