Presto Guard Vs. LeafFilter: Which Is The Best Gutter Protection For Carolina Homes?

See How Our Exclusive Gutter Guard Compares To The Industry’s Most Well-Known Gutter Protection.


At Presto, we carry our own exclusive line of gutter protection: Presto Guard [Presto Guard]. It’s a micromesh system like LeafFilter, the most well-known gutter guard in the country.

The two gutter covers have a lot in common:

  • Completely enclosed systems
  • Low-profile design
  • Install over existing gutters
  • And, as I mentioned, micromesh screens

But research a little deeper, and you’ll discover these two gutter guards provide very different performance. They are NOT created equal.

Let’s look at a few key categories to find out why…

Debris Management


LeafFilter utilizes a surgical-grade stainless-steel micromesh system. Micromesh is the best form of gutter protection since it can block debris as small as shingle sand.

The screen itself isn’t LeafFilter’s issue; it’s that the product lays pretty much flat over your gutters. It’s typically installed at an 11-degree angle, so it acts as a “shelf” that collects debris over time.

Presto Guard

Presto Guard also sports surgical-grade stainless-steel micromesh. Virtually nothing can penetrate it. Leaves. Dirt. Shingle grit. You name it.

And, unlike LeafFilter, nothing collects ON it. A big reason for that is Presto Guard is pitched at the angle of the roof. This appropriately angled installation eliminates the “shelf” effect of flat-lying gutter guards.

presto gutter guard pitch slope
Presto Guard’s angled installation prevents buildup.

Verdict: Both gutter guards have stainless-steel micromesh screens. But for debris management, Presto Guard’s pitched installation ensures no buildup on the cover itself.

Clog Warranty


LeafFilter comes with a lifetime clog-free guarantee on the interior of your gutters. That means your actual gutters will never clog as a result of debris accumulation.

Sounds great, right? It is! 

But what this warranty doesn’t cover is something that can be just as damaging as clogged gutters: clogged SCREENS. 

LeafFilter’s micromesh screen contains three divots, but the screen is mostly flat. This allows debris to stick to the screen and build up over time. So while you won’t have to worry about your actual gutters clogging, you do have to regularly brush and clean LeafFilter to wash away the dirt accumulation.

Presto Guard

Presto Guard is the ONLY gutter cover with a Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee on the screen itself. 

How? Presto Guard’s breakthrough raised S-curve technology.

The S-bend on Presto Guard elevates the debris that lands on it. The debris can’t sit flat, which prevents it from sticking to the screen. This allows winds as low as 10mph to blow off debris with ease.

Presto Guard’s S-bend ensures a clog-free screen.

Verdict: Both gutter guards come with a Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee on the interior of the gutters. But only Presto Guard has a Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee on the actual screen.

Water Flow


LeafFilter’s screen contains three parallel divots to slow down water enough to filter into the gutters. This design works in light and moderate rainfall, but tests show it falls short during heavy rain. 

When there’s a downpour, rainwater cascades right over the screen and spills over the side of your gutters. This creates the one thing you’re trying to avoid—MAJOR moisture damage to your home.

Circled: Water spilling over the competition’s gutter cover.

Presto Guard

I mentioned the raised S-curve in the Clog Warranty section. This design pulls double duty in that it keeps your gutter clog-free WHILE handling the heaviest rain.

The elevated curve in the screen slows down water by diverting its path. This “stalls” the flow of the water so it has sufficient time to enter your gutters. The result? No spillovers!

Tests show Presto Guard can handle up to 20 inches of rainfall per hour. To put that in perspective, the most rainfall recorded in a 24-hour period in North Carolina is 35 inches.

Presto Guard’s S-bend prevents spillovers.

Verdict: Both gutter covers have designs intended to divert water into your gutters. But Presto Guard’s breakthrough S-curve creates vastly superior performance.



LeafFilter’s micromesh screen is made of surgical-grade stainless steel. The screen is rust-proof, which is ideal for an outdoor project.

LeafFilter’s frame is made of vinyl PVC. Vinyl is a decent material, but it expands and contracts with temperature changes. Since LeafFilter is bolted to your gutters, the vinyl frame doesn’t have room to move. As a result, the frame can warp and bow in as little as a few years.

Since LeafFilter’s screen is held to the frame with caulking, this warping can cause the screen to detach from the frame. You can find videos of this with an online search. The results aren’t pretty.

Presto Guard

Like LeafFilter, Presto Guard has micromesh made of surgical-grade stainless steel. The big differences in durability are A) the frame and B) how the micromesh is attached to the frame.

While LeafFilter’s frame is made of vinyl, Presto Guard’s frame is 28-gauge steel that’s galvanized painted. Unlike vinyl, steel experiences virtually ZERO expansion and contraction. This eliminates warping and bowing issues common with vinyl gutter guard frames.

Presto Guard’s micromesh is mechanically fastened to the frame. There’s no glue or caulking that can erode over time. As a result, the micromesh will NEVER separate from the frame.

Presto Guard - Steel
Presto Guard’s steel frame stands tall against the elements.

Verdict: Both systems have ultra-durable micromesh screens. But Presto Guard’s steel frame and superior construction mean longer-lasting performance.



LeafFilter can be installed over your existing gutters. When installed correctly, it will not void your roof’s warranty.

LeafFilter is only sold by authorized dealers. This provides more peace of mind than a DIY gutter guard since you’ll have a professional company handling the job. 

That said, many companies outsource the installation to subcontractors. And hiring subcontractors is like buying a box of chocolates—you just don’t know what you’ll get.

Presto Guard

Presto Guard also installs over your existing gutters without affecting your roof warranty. The big difference is that our installers are actual EMPLOYEES.

Having in-house installers allows us greater control over the quality of your job. We’ve rigorously vetted, background-checked, and trained every single installer on our team. It’s how we ensure you the best possible experience and results.

Presto Guard is installed by in-house craftsmen.

Verdict: Both systems retrofit over your current gutters. But Presto Guard is installed by actual in-house craftsmen.



LeafFilter rubs about $30 per foot in the Carolinas. Sometimes a little more. Sometimes a little less.

This means if you need 120 running feet of gutter guard (an “average-size” home), you’re looking at a sticker price of up to $3,600.

Presto Guard

Presto Guard costs around 30-45% less than LeafFilter. Installing 120 running feet of Presto Guard is about a $2,500 investment.

Why the price difference? Because we’re an independent company. We don’t have the huge overhead of a national corporation. As a result, we don’t need to inflate our prices to cover our expenses. We can provide you with PREMIUM gutter protection at the best possible value.

In fact, we’re offering even bigger savings than usual…

120 running feet of Presto Guard for just $1,999!

120 running feet of Presto Guard for just $1,999!

That’s $500 off the normal price. And it’s for a limited time only. Reach out to us for details.

Verdict: We’re all about providing maximum value for your money. We install our high-performance Presto Guard… without the price gouging.

The Final Takeaway

I’m not trying to trash the competition to bolster my company’s product. I simply believe that Presto Guard is THE best gutter protection you can get for your home. If I wasn’t positively certain of that, I wouldn’t sell it. Period.

Even if you don’t choose Presto Guard, I hope this information helps you make a decision YOU are comfortable with—no matter what that decision may be.

For more information, contact us to schedule a free Design Consultation today. You can choose either an in-home appointment or a Virtual Consultation. Either way, we’ll provide you with the assistance and education you need to make the right choice for your home.

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