Presto Pawz

Presto Pawz

Helping Some Of Charlotte Metro’s
Most Important (And Furriest!) Citizens

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At Presto, we’re passionate about animal welfare. That’s why we’ve partnered with Charlotte-Mecklenburg (CMPD) Animal Care & Control to create Presto Pawz.

Presto Pawz is a program to raise awareness, make donations, and find homes for pets currently in Animal Control’s care. If you’re an animal lover like us, there are a number of ways you can contribute:

The Million-Pound Project

Our goal is to collect one million pounds worth of food donations for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control. If you’d like to contribute, you can choose what you wish to donate from the Presto Pawz Amazon Wish List. Your donation will ship directly to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control.

Staycations & Daycations

Reduce kennel stress by picking up a dog and taking them home, for a walk, or doing anything else they’d enjoy. Choose a “Staycation” that can last for a few days or a “Daycation” that can last a few hours. It’s up to you, and any length of time helps!


Foster an animal and give them a taste of the good life before they find a long-term home. Fostering is a rewarding act of compassion and greatly helps our animals. We love our foster-family volunteers!


Add a new member to your family by adopting a loving animal in need. All Animal Control residents are spayed/neutered prior to going up for adoption. 

Help Today! Visit Or Contact CMPD Animal Care & Control.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control

8315 Byrum Dr. 

Charlotte, NC 28217

Phone: 704-336-7600


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