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5 Reasons to Install an Insulated Garage Door


We get customers in our Garage Door Showroom all the time that know exactly how they would like their garage doors to look, but many of our customers have not given much thought to their new doors’ actual performance. Many of our customers like the idea of having an insulated garage door, but they have not explored the ins and outs of the benefits that insulated garage doors bring. I’d like to cover that information here.

1. Energy Savings

The 1st, and most obvious reason to install an insulated garage door is improved energy efficiency. Non-insulated doors contribute to high energy cost. A new energy efficient garage door can improve energy loss by 71%. This represents up to 10 times the energy savings as a non-insulated wood or steel door.

2. More comfortable garage temperatures.

The second reason to install an insulated garage door is usually less obvious, but very important. Our customers often miss the fact that Insulated garage doors contribute to keeping a much cooler garage in the warm months due to lower heat exchange. I often get calls from customers on hot summer days with complaints of garage temperatures that would melt a Buick. What seemed like a smart purchase in the spring is now a pain in the neck. We can always insulate a door after the fact, but it’s not as cost effective as just buying an insulated door at the time of installation.

3. Quiet Operation

Now, I’ll cover a few benefits that are not centered around energy efficiency, but more to do with function. Insulated garage doors are quieter than their non-insulated counter parts. A non- insulated door is hollow, and seems to project the noise of every creek and rattle. Much of this is eliminated by an insulated door. I don’t know all of the statistics behind it, but we have insulated doors in the field, and there was a very noticeable difference in quiet performance after the fact.

4. Outside Noise Dampening

The next benefit of an insulated garage door is noise dampening. This may make little difference to a customer that lives in the suburbs, but can make a real difference when a homeowner lives near a busy street.

5. Durability

Last, but certainly not least cost effect, is the benefit of resiliency. The polystyrene or polyurethane in an insulated garage door helps to resist dents and dings. Anyone that has children knows the value of having a garage door that bounces back when hit with a rock or a ball. That’s about it. I most likely missed something, but that’s why we have the comment section. I’d love to hear some feedback.

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