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Top 4 Reasons to Install an Insulated Garage Door


Garage doors that are insulated can be your answer to the large temperature swings that we experience here in North Carolina. Insulated garage doors use layers of material with a space in between that’s filled with an insulating material. With an insulating material, you can expect to increase the R-value of your garage door. The “R” means the resistance level to heat flow and is indicative of how well-insulated the barrier is to outside temperatures. This helps make your garage a nicer environment overall. With an insulated garage door installation, you’ll get the best product to make your garage a nicer place to be, especially during the cold winter months. In addition to making your garage area cozy and warm, there are a list of several other benefits an insulated garage door can provide.

Today, we’ll highlight the top 4 reasons to install an insulated garage door and what you should be looking for in the best products available today.

1. Insulated Garage Doors Make Less Noise

All garage doors make noise when they are opening and closing. As the garage door ages, various components wear down and can produce squeaks, rumbling, or thumping noises. This can be due to a variety of issues such as the track mechanism, rollers, or springs.

Another noise culprit is the panels themselves. With a lightweight door, the panels can create a lot of noise when opened and closed. Insulated garage doors provide an excellent sound-dampening barrier against noises in the panels and can lessen the noises coming from excessive vibration due to their weight.

2. Insulated Garage Doors Provide Better Protection

Insulated garage doors provide a much better level of protection for your vehicle and other stored items in your garage. Especially with the freezing winter temperatures we receive in North Carolina, an insulated garage door will make a profound impact on keeping temperatures at a more tolerable range.

In addition, insulated garage doors tend to be heavily constructed, with added layers of protection against elements like rain and heat. Rather than having huge temperature swings inside your garage through the seasons, an insulated garage door helps to normalize conditions—creating a more pleasant environment for you and your belongings. This protection also applies to the components of your garage door system that aren’t subject to extreme weather. An increase in protection could mean that these components will typically have a longer lifespan.

3. Insulated Garage Doors Are More Energy Efficient

One of the best reasons to install an insulated garage door is that it increases the overall energy efficiency of your home. Most homes’ garages are not heated and many aren’t even well-insulated. This can create a cold or hot zone right on the other side of the wall from your living space.

Many garage entrance doors into your home don’t provide much in the way of insulation, making those temperatures affect the condition of your home. This makes your air conditioning have to work harder to heat or cool the space adjacent to your garage and could lead to higher utility bills.

Conversely, having an insulated garage door provides an energy-efficient barrier to better normalize the temperatures within the space. Even just a few degrees of difference in heating and cooling costs can have a dramatic impact over time. This means that within a relatively short time frame, your new insulated garage door can literally pay for itself in energy savings.

4. Insulated Garage Doors Add Durability

Insulated garage doors have a more involved construction process with multiple layers being used to create the finished product. This creates a more durable door than a standard single-layer garage door. With an insulated garage door, you have a dense layer of insulation sandwiched between the metal sheets being supported by the garage door’s frame.

This layering is what increases the overall durability of the garage door. With an uninsulated garage door, you’ll typically just have a thin metal over a metal frame. We’ve all experienced how easy it is to dent doors like these. Insulated garage doors provide a little more muscle behind the outer shell, which helps them stand up better to everyday life and look better, longer.

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