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Are you a Belmont, NC homeowner searching for a local garage and gutter company you can trust? On behalf of the entire Presto team, it’s nice to meet you and we greatly appreciate your consideration! 

We’ve been in business since 2001. This particular webpage is here to help you quickly get to know the basics of who we are as a company and what we can offer you in Belmont.

Why Choose Presto Garage & Gutter

Presto Garage & Gutter Services For Belmont, NC

New Garage Door Installation

Presto is your go-to local Belmont, NC source to get high-quality, American-made garage doors and garage doors  that tick every box on your wishlist:

  • Jaw-Dropping Design & Aesthetics
  • Budgeting Versatility – Range of Choices
  • Storm-Resistance Strength & Durability
  • Wind-Resistance Up To 130mph
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Modern Add-ons & Accessories

Step by step, Presto will ensure you (and your home) get a perfect-fit garage door. View our Garage Door Gallery to see some of our work.

Presto NextGen® 4-Hour Garage Floor Coating

We provide homeowners with Presto Nexgen 4-Hour Garage Floor coatings year-round (all seasonal installation). This means we can restore the floor or just provide a fresh new ultra-durable and stylish coating for you SAME DAY. 

Typically, it takes our crew about four hours to install the floor, then it’s ready to be used within six. In other words, if we were to begin at breakfast, it’s installed by lunch and you can walk on it by dinner. You won’t need to completely unpack and store everything somewhere else for days on end then repack. 

Did we mention your new garage floor will be absolutely stunning and you’ve got an assortment of choices? Get more info on our Presto NextGen® 4-Hour Garage Flooring page. View our Garage Floor Gallery to see design options.

Presto Guard™ Gutter Protection & Seamless Gutters

We provide seamless gutter installation and Presto Guard, our own exclusive gutter protection.

Features of our Presto Guard include the following:

  • Embossed curve in the micromesh screen slows water down and allows ample time for it to enter your gutters. 
  • Blocks the smallest debris—leaves, pine needles, and even shingle grit!
  • Installed on a slope to let debris roll right off. (Preventing buildup common in flat-lying gutter protection).
  • Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee.

Explore our Gutter & Gutter Guard Gallery to see our work.

Garage Door Repair Services

For garage door repairs, there’s no one else you need to call in the Belmont, NC area. We provide 24/7 repair and will arrive within four hours of your call.

If you need garage door repair, call now: 704-397-3002.

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