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Our Installers Are Actually Employees…
And It Makes All The Difference

Inexperienced, Indifferent Subcontractors? OUT.
Trained, Vetted, Friendly In-House Craftsmen? IN.

“Who, exactly, will be installing my project?”

It’s one of the most important questions you can ask a Charlotte Metro garage and gutter company. 


Because the answer can make or break your entire project.

First-rate results require more than great products. Who’s installing those products is just as crucial. 

That’s why we’re one of the area’s few companies that use actual employees instead of subcontractors for ALL garage door, garage floor, and gutter cover installations. And the difference in quality is extraordinary.

Here’s how our in-house craftsmen produce the best possible results for YOU.

Greater Quality Controls

Some subcontractors are good. Some are average. Many are bad. They just don’t have the training, skills, or passion to pull off premium results.

The problem is you can’t know if you’re getting the good, the bad, or the ugly until they show up on installation day. And by then, it’s too late!

By having employees, we control the quality of installer. Our crews are vetted, background-checked, and drug-tested. And since they’re our official employees, we make their schedules. (Subcontractors choose when and where they want to work.)

We hire only the top 1% of candidates who apply—and we hire based on ATTITUDE just as much as talent. If someone isn’t friendly, courteous, and reliable, they will never work at Presto. We care too much about your experience to allow anyone but the most respectful and cordial people to work on your home.

Bottom line: You won’t have to worry about who shows up to your home. We hire only the cream of the crop.

Rigorous Training

Once we bring a new installer onboard, we train them from the ground-up in our Presto installation process. 

For example, new garage-door installers start off apprenticing under one of our veteran installers. Once they become proficient in our methods, we allow them to perform simple door installations on their own. If they excel at simple installations, we eventually put them on more complex jobs. 

In all, this training process takes about six months. But the results are 100% worth it. You simply will not find installers in Charlotte Metro with more experience, knowledge, and skill to handle your project.

Specialized Crews For Each Service

We have dedicated installation crews for each service we provide. That means our garage door installers do ONLY garage doors. Our gutter guard installers do ONLY gutter protection. And our garage floor installers do ONLY garage floors.

Why separate our crews? 

Imagine trying to become a pro athlete… but dividing up your practice time between football, basketball, and hockey. You might become decent at all three. But you won’t have sufficient training to reach “All-Star” level in any of them.  

Our “one-service-per-installer” strategy allows our guys to focus on their specific craft with 100% of their attention—day in and day out. So when a Presto crew shows up to your home, you’ll know for sure they’ve got the unrivaled experience you need for stellar results.

180 Years Of Combined Experience

When you choose Presto, you’re choosing THE most seasoned veterans in the area.

Our installers have an average of five years of experience. Two of our craftsmen have been installing garage doors since 1985, while another has since 2002. In all, our installers have a staggering 180 years of combined experience!

To retain this top talent for so long, we treat our installers well and pay them what they’re worth. The average subcontractor makes $12 an hour. The average Presto installer makes $60,000 a year. We also provide our installers with excellent benefits and paid vacation time. 

In this industry, talent is tough to come by. So when we find the rare individual with the “it” factor, we do everything we can to keep them!

What About Seamless Gutter Installation?

You may have noticed we mentioned employed installers for garage doors, garage floors, and gutter protection. But what about seamless gutter installation?

We’ll be frank with you—our gutter installers are subcontractors. But there’s a reason for that.

We have a tight-knit relationship with one of the most talented independent gutter crews in the area. They’re the high-quality needle in the low-quality haystack of subcontractors. They’re obsessed with perfection and customer satisfaction. Period.

This page makes it clear how we feel about subcontractors. So if we’re willing to use an independent crew for one of our services, you know they’re something special. We treat this crew as well as our employees, and we wholeheartedly trust them to represent the Presto brand. They follow through with the same passion, skill, and precision as our in-house craftsmen.

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