No-Nonsense Warranties

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No-Nonsense Warranties On Garage Doors,
Garage Floors & Gutters

Comprehensive Coverage For Charlotte Metro Homeowners.
24-Hour Service Guarantee On Garage Doors.

If you have a warranty issue, many Charlotte Metro garage and gutter contractors will make you do the Home Improvement Waltz.

Your contractor will refer you to the manufacturer… 

Who will refer you back to the contractor… 

Who will refer you to the subcontractor they outsourced your installation to… 

Who will either say “not my problem” or refer you back to the contractor…

On and on until you give up and pay on your own dime. 

We don’t play these games. And we don’t pass the buck. Our warranties provide true protection. Period.

Here’s a breakdown of our warranties by service.

Garage Door Warranties

True Protection. Same-Day Service.

Just about every company advertises a “lifetime warranty” on their garage doors. What they don’t tell you is this warranty covers corrosion only. That sounds great—until you realize garage-door corrosion isn’t a problem in our region.

Material defects, faulty parts, and installation issues? Those are typically covered for just one year. If you’re lucky.

Since we use premium parts and in-house installers, we’re not afraid to stand behind our work and materials. We provide you with top-notch warranties—up to a lifetime—on garage door parts and installation. We’re so obsessed with perfection that we guarantee we’ll be out to service your warranty issue within 24 hours of your call. 

No passing the buck. No shirking responsibility. No “Home Improvement Waltz.”

Gutter & Gutter Guard Warranties

Lifetime Performance. No-Clog Guarantee.

We back up our seamless gutters and Presto Gutter Guard with a transferable lifetime warranty on materials and installation. Our gutter guard even comes with a No-Clog Guarantee!

Here’s how our Presto Guard’s superior warranty protects you:

  • Lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship
  • Lifetime warranty against chipping and blistering from ordinary wear
  • The Presto Guard will never allow your gutters to clog or overflow due to debris accumulation

That’s peace-of-mind protection you won’t find with many gutter/gutter-protection companies.

Presto NextGen® Garage Floor Warranties

No Scratching, Chipping, Yellowing, Or Fading.

Premium Ball Bearing Rollers

Presto NextGen 4-hour garage floor coatings are guaranteed to resist scratches, chips, yellowing, and fading due to ultraviolet light. Our heavy-duty warranty also protects against peeling, flaking, and failure of the product to bond to the concrete.

Bottom line: Your beautiful, high-performance garage floor will perform like a dream for decades.

Choose The Company Whose Warranties You Can Count On

At the end of the day, the best warranty is a job done right with the highest-caliber materials. 

Our premium parts and workmanship ensure the bare-minimum possibility you’ll experience a warranty issue. But still… isn’t it nice to know you’re 100% protected anyway?

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