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We Use ONLY Premium Parts…
Even In The Places You Can’t See

We Deliver Quality Down To The Smallest Detail,
Saving You Money In The Long Run.

Garage doors and gutter systems have many components that you can’t see or will never notice. This makes it easy for Charlotte Metro garage door companies to skimp on quality parts. They figure as long as they install a nice-LOOKING project, you won’t notice those “hidden” details are made of cheap materials.

At least, not until something breaks down. And by that time, the skimpy warranty [No-Nonsense Warranties] will have expired. Then YOU have to pay for pricey repairs or replacement. Not good!

At Presto, we have a saying: “The best warranty is a job done RIGHT the first time.” That’s why we install 100% PREMIUM parts on your new garage or gutter project.

It doesn’t matter how small or inconspicuous the detail. We use high-end materials without exception. The result is a door that not only looks beautiful, but also performs like a dream for a long time to come.

Since garage doors contain over 50 parts, the following section breaks down a few of the high-quality components we use for door replacement. But the materials of our garage floors, gutters, and gutter guards receive just as much consideration. Explore the following pages to see how we apply our “no detail is too small” philosophy to EVERY service:

500% Longer-Lasting Garage Door Springs

When installing new garage doors, companies typically use 10,000-cycle springs. This means your garage door can open and close 10,000 times before the springs break. If you’re opening your garage door multiple times a day, these can fail within six to 10 years. 

That might seem like a long time… until you realize spring replacement is very expensive. 

You’ll NEVER worry about replacing our springs.

We eliminate this problem by installing 50,000-cycle springs on your new garage door. That’s a 500% longer lifecycle for reliability that lasts DECADES. 

Best of all? Investing in heavy-duty springs upfront is only 8% to 15% of what it costs to replace cheap springs later on. 

Premium Ball Bearing Rollers

Most garage door companies install nylon rollers that lack a ball-bearing system. These rollers easily develop flat spots, which hinders your door’s ability to move up and down the track. 

Even if flat spots don’t develop, nylon rollers are only rated at 10,000 cycles. After that, they require repair or replacement. 

High-Cycle Garage Door Rollers - Presto
Our High-Cycle Rollers Last 50% Longer.

Our garage doors come with high-grade 13-ball bearing and nylon rollers. They roll up and down the track as smooth as butter, while also making for quieter door operation. The rollers also have a stem that’s three inches longer than the industry standard to ensure your door never falls out of the track. 

The result: A 50% longer lifespan and peak performance for a minimal investment.

38% Quieter Gliding System

Loud, clanky, screechy garage doors are obnoxious. They’re also embarrassing if you live right next to other homes.

Most garage doors are noisy because companies install low-quality operation systems. The cheap metal rollers scrape against the cheap metal track, which produces that ear-splitting sound every homeowner hates. 

As the system wears down over time, the noise gets louder and louder. And the cost for replacement isn’t cheap. 

Our garage doors come with a special gliding system that’s 38% quieter than average. To put that in perspective, that’s the decibel difference between a vacuum cleaner and a running shower.

Average Door Decibel Level (Left) Vs. Ours (Right)

The “secret ingredient” to our sound-reducing system: The metal rollers are inserted into heavy-duty PVC sleeves and secured with push nuts. This eliminates that annoying metal-on-metal screeching, allowing for pleasantly quiet operation every time you open and close your garage door. 

Invest Now… Save Later

In all, the grand total for our premium parts are very inexpensive. When compared to the steep price for garage door repairs, it’s a drop in the bucket.

Like we said: The best warranty is a project done right the first time. And our Premium-Parts-ONLY policy guarantees superior performance that lasts… even in the places you can’t see.

For more info about why our doors are superior, visit our New Garage Doors page. In addition to the premium parts listed above, we also incorporate hyper-efficient insulation, wind-load reinforcement systems, and many more high-grade materials.

Garage Floors, Gutters & Gutter Guards Are No Exception!

We’ve discussed the premium parts in our garage doors.