Relentless Reliability

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Charlotte Metro’s Relentlessly Reliable
Garage Door & Gutter Company

We’re Here For You… Night, Day, Rain, Or Shine.
And We Always Will Be.

Did you know…

Contractors rank #1 in consumer dissatisfaction?

Consumers file 10 million Better Business Bureau complaints against contractors every year?

Half of all contractors go bankrupt in their first year in business… and 96% (!!!) go bankrupt in three years?

Those are wild statistics. But they’re not surprising when you consider how unreliable the average contractor is. We’ve all heard or experienced the horror stories of home improvement gone wrong.

Call us the exception to the rule. Because at Presto, relentless reliability is our ironclad calling card.

We’ve been serving the Charlotte Metro area since 2001 (formerly as Garage Doors & More Of The Piedmont). In that time, we’ve installed over 50,000 garage doors and earned a reputation for unwavering dependability.

Bottom line: You can TRUST us. Entirely. Completely. Unconditionally. 

For proof, here’s how we compare to the average garage and gutter contractor…

Guaranteed 4-Hour Arrival For Garage Door Repairs

The Industry Norm:

When you call a company for garage door repair, you’ll have no idea when they’ll actually show up. This is especially true if you call after hours. You’re treated as a nuisance, and about the firmest time commitment you’ll receive is “I’ll be there whenever I can get there.”

The Presto Standard:

No matter when you call, we guarantee we’ll be there within 4 hours. Call at 1pm on a Tuesday, and we’ll be there within 4 hours. Call at 4am on a Sunday, and we’ll be there within 4 hours. If we’re not, we waive our service fee!

Guaranteed Same-Day Garage Door Warranty Visits

The Industry Norm:

Warranty service calls aren’t profitable, so most companies make you do the “Home Improvement Waltz.” If you have a problem, your contractor refers you to the manufacturer… who refers you back to the contractor… who refers you to the subcontractor they outsourced your installation to… who either says “not my problem” or refers you back to the contractor. Passing the buck is a time-honored home-improvement tradition!

The Presto Standard:

We guarantee we’ll be out to service your warranty issue the SAME DAY you call. The truth is that our premium parts and in-house installers keep warranty calls to a bare minimum. Still, we’re so obsessed with your satisfaction that we have a full-time craftsman dedicated solely to warranty work. This ensures we can fix your issue quickly and RIGHT. No passing the buck.

Financially Stable

The Industry Norm:

50% of contractors go out of business within the first year. And 96% close their doors within three years. That means you’re left in the lurch if you have warranty issues or need assistance in the future.

The Presto Standard:

We’ve been in business since 2001 and grown into one of Charlotte Metro’s biggest independent garage and gutter companies. Financially, we’re more than sound and stable—we thrived over the course of two decades. That means no matter when you need us, we WILL be there for you. That’s a promise.

Fully Insured

The Industry Norm:

60% of contractors don’t insure their crews to undercut competitors on price. So if one of their workers is injured on your property, YOU may be held responsible.

The Presto Standard:

We are fully insured—period. And since our installers are in-house, we’re able to train them properly in industry-best safety standards. When it comes to on-the-job safety, we hold ourselves 110% accountable.

No Surprise Pricing On Repairs

The Industry Norm:

Many garage door companies fail to specify the scope of work before diving into your repair. They simply do the work and hand you the bill afterward. Performing the repair without first reviewing the details with you lets them charge whatever they want… and “find additional problems” that will inflate your bill.

The Presto Standard:

We never ask you for a “blank check.” We unconditionally guarantee to get your consent prior to performing any repairs. You’ll know exactly how much your repair will cost BEFORE you have to break out your checkbook. You know, the way it should be.

A Proven Process

The Industry Norm:


The Presto Standard:

At the end of the day, the measure of a company’s reliability is its process. Companies willing to continually develop, enhance, and perfect their procedures and protocols are companies you can trust. At Presto Garage & Gutter, we’ve honed a proven process that ensures you a low-stress, premium-quality experience… from start to finish.