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FACT: 90% Of Garage Doors Fail To Meet
Carolina Wind-Load Codes

We’re The Rare Garage Company That Engineers EVERY Door To Handle Winds Up To 130mph.

Did you know that the Carolinas require EVERY residential garage door to meet local wind-load codes?

If you didn’t, that’s okay. It’s something not many garage door companies will tell you! 

Why? Because they don’t install THEIR doors to wind-load codes.

We’ve been serving the Carolinas since 2001. We’ve replaced well over 50,000 garage doors. And we estimate that at least 90% of the doors we replace have ZERO wind-load reinforcement.

That’s bad. Really bad. According to the Federal Alliance For Safe Homes, 80% of residential wind damage starts with wind entry through the garage door. If your garage door fails, high winds can enter your home through the garage and blow out your doors, windows, walls… and even your roof.

Presto is the rare garage company that takes wind resistance SERIOUSLY. It’s why we install all new garage doors with wind-load resistance up to 130mph. That’s the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane!

Your Presto garage door will be custom-manufactured to meet your area’s local wind-load codes. We utilize special wind-reinforcement technology like premium steel C-channels that strengthen and support the door panels. During high winds, your garage door will stand tall and act as an impenetrable guard for the rest of your home.

Wind-load reinforcement has no aesthetic effects on the exterior of the door. That means your Presto garage door will pack serious wind-resistant power on the inside… while looking absolutely gorgeous on the outside.

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3 More Benefits Of Wind-Rated Garage Doors

1. No Creases

Your garage door motor pulls the door from the middle of the top panel. If the door is not wind-reinforced, the opener can create lines and creases in the top panel over time as it pulls. A non-reinforced garage door is simply too flimsy to hold up to this continuous stress. 

Be careful if you’re considering a garage door from a home-improvement store or low-priced company. Doors from these sellers almost NEVER have wind reinforcement, which is why creasing is so common with them. 

2. “Oops-Proof” Protection

Accidents happen. And when they do, it’s best to have a wind-rated garage door.

Let’s say you bump into your garage door with your car or lower the door down on an object. If your door has wind supports, it will be FAR less likely to experience severe damage due to that reinforcement.

3. It Won’t Fall Out!

This may sound strange, but garage doors can (and do!) fall out if they lack the proper wind supports.

How? The rigidity of a garage door is the only thing stopping it from falling out of the opening when it’s over head. Garage doors become less rigid as they bend and wear. If your garage door is thin steel and lacks wind supports, it will have nothing to maintain its stability as it ages. As the door becomes flimsier, the higher the chance it can come crashing down.

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